Susan Yun, MA, CCC.

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You deserve to be seen, heard, and validated on your unique journey of healing and growth. I am here to offer you a compassionate heart and deep listening to help you find your true self and uncover your strengths to live your life to the fullest. As a counsellor, my aim is to provide a safe space to share your story, process difficult experiences and emotions, and learn more healthy ways of dealing with life's difficulties. You do not have to be alone on your challenging journey. Therapy is a place where you can heal and grow!
I'm a fully trained EMDR therapist and my specialties include anxiety, depression, PTSD, attachment issues, inter-generational wounds, and other life transitions & stresses.  By providing a warm and non-judgmental space I can help you process emotional wounds and burdens you have not been able to process adequately and integrate them into your mind & body.
Our dreams are valid no matter where we are and it is never too late to start becoming the one you are meant to be. It has happened in my life, it has been happening to the clients I worked with, and it can certainly happen in your life, too.  I am gently inviting you to embark on its sacred journey of finding who you are and fulfilling your life purpose. 

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