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We are Stephanie Doerr and Elina Suprunova, co-founders of Talking Works Counselling and Psychotherapy. We recognize that taking the first step is not easy. We understand that life can be challenging. It can be difficult to navigate emotions and confront experiences on our own and there seems to be many blocks to seeking therapy. We make it our mission to create a safe, non judgemental, person-centred environment where you can learn to feel comfortable exploring and sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings.
Services we offer:
- Individual counselling - Through collaborative and personalized interventions, we help individuals improve their mental and emotional wellbeing
- Child and Teen counselling - With personalized support, we work alongside children 4 years and older to help improve their mental and emotional wellbeing
- Family counselling and Parent Support - Evidence based care guides our therapists as we work to help couples strengthen their bond across different stages of their relationships
- Couples counselling - Through an integrative approach, families and parents are supported as they learn to resolve conflict, and deepen their relationships

Services offered are virtual appointments through video conferencing or in person appointments depending on your needs and preferences
At Talking Works, we use an eclectic approach to therapy, drawing from a variety of modalities.
- Cognitive behavioral therapy - identifies and challenges unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors to develop more adaptive coping strategies
- Narrative therapy - reframes the stories you tell yourself about you, others, and the world around you in a more positive and empowering way
- Solution focused therapy -  short-term therapy that focuses on internal strengths and resources, rather than problems, and helps you to identify and implement strategies for achieving your desired goals.
Emotionally focused therapy -  emphasizes emotional awareness and processing to better understand, regulate, and share emotions with others
- Attachment based therapy - looks at early attachment experiences with primary caregivers and how these shape a person's ability to develop healthy emotionally and physical relationships across the lifespan
- Internal families systems -  explore various “parts” of their personalities, to better understand their emotions and needs, and to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.
- Family systems therapy - help family members solve the problems they face through investigating each unique relationship dynamic, the familial interactional patterns, and each individual’s diverse perspective of the situation at hand.

Our rates:  
Individual & adolescent counselling -  $145 per 60-minute sessions
Couples counselling -  $160 per 60-minute sessions 
Family counselling -  $160 per 60-minute sessions  
Please note that all prices are inclusive of HST 
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