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Tamara Hanoski has completed both a master's and a doctoral degree in counselling psychology from the accredited counselling program with the University of Alberta. She has been a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists for the past 13 years, and has had a wide range of counselling and assessment experiences. She has previously worked in a variety settings, such as hospitals, counselling centers, and the university; she also worked for Edmonton Public Schools for eight years, doing assessments with children who had a variety of learning and behavioral issues, as well as Emergency Crisis Intervention. 

Tamara is a mother of two young children, and since becoming a parent, has enjoyed working with women who are struggling with post-partum depression or adjustment issues, as well as families with parenting concerns. She enjoys working with a variety of clientele and issues, and has worked in such areas as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, assertiveness, grief, past abuse, anger management, stress management, relationship issues, and divorce, amongst others. Her area of research during her master’s and doctoral degrees was with conflicted sibling relationships, and she continues to work in this area in her counselling practice. Tamara also has extensive experience in working with individuals who have suffered from emotional issues related to motor vehicle accidents, and has been doing assessments and treatment in this area, particularly with regards to depression, anxiety, driving phobias, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tamara has a very gentle and caring style of counselling, but also feels it is important to appropriately challenge her clients so that they can work towards change or see their issues in a different way. She uses a variety of techniques and will shift these depending on each client’s style and personality, as well as their presenting concerns. She believes in focusing on each client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to create change. She also believes that each client has the resiliency and strength to overcome difficult feelings and whatever obstacles they may be facing. She sees herself as a guide, who can help others to draw out their internal resources to find the capacity to heal. She believes that a compassionate and supportive therapeutic relationship is key to a successful counselling experience, and strives to create an environment that is safe and comfortable; her hope is that through this type of collaboration, her clients will be able to see new options, resolve issues and feelings, and create change either within themselves or in their lives.

For more information regarding Tamara’s practice, please see her website at www.drthanoski.com . She may also be contacted at (780)604-8704 or drthanoski@shaw.ca.

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