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  • Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Master Practitioner of Counselling Psychology/Therapist
  • 201-153 Seymour Street, Kamloops, British Columbia, V2C 2C7
  • Phone: 250 320 6018
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  • www.fairwindscounselling.com
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Tammie is an integrative counsellor, using the best method or approach to suit your individual needs and learning style. By learning life-changing tools you can implement right away to elevate your relationships. "One of life's deepest purposes can be found by creating within our relationships; our connections with parents, significant others, siblings, friends, our children and our spouses they all provide us with lifelong joy". Tammie is well known in the Kamloops area as a 5 Love Languages expert. She does several workshops in and around this area. Tammie has also expanded her practice and now offers Nutritional Therapy which helps provide you a healthy eating plan based on your individual nutrient deficiencies. Bringing therapeutic counselling and nutrition together supports the mind-body connection.

Tammie is a member of the: 

  •  Association of Co-operative Counsellors and Therapists
  •  Professional Development Leader
  • IICT (International Integrative Counselling Therapies)
  •  Interior Wellness Festival Coordinator/Facilitator
  •  The Boys and Girls Club of Canada
  • Canadian Professional Counsellors Association
    • Vice President BC Chapter serving over 600 members
    • Master Practitioner practicing Counselling Psychology
  • Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • FRIENDS for Life facilitator
  • Junior Achievement facilitator
  • PAC Past Chairperson

Tammie L. Oram is a licensed and insured counsellor for individuals, couples, families and groups; helping people get their lives on the right path so they can fulfill their life purposes and dreams; leading to happy, meaningful lives worth celebrating.

Singles, couples, men and women, young and mature, professionals and general.  No matter who you are, each phase of life produces unique challenges.  We will explore the past while focusing on the present and the future.  Tammie can help guide you through these thoughts and experiences helping you live your best life.

Tammie has been married for over 28 years and has 3 children; 2 Girls and 1 Boy.  Tammie is a Kamloops local who offers 100% confidential service. 

Confidentiality is the most important aspect of the client/counsellor relationship.  Sometimes it is hard to find a counsellor who is the right "fit" and who doesn't know, or know of, someone in the area.  You can be assured, Tammie will keep your best interest to heart and no one will know you are on a path of exploration and change.

Please feel free to call me at:  250 320-6018 or email and we can set up an introduction session at no charge!


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