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Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, Taunton Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction for adults age 18 and older of all genders. Our opioid addiction treatment facility offers many different evidence-based options for patients. At Taunton CTC, we believe that complete recovery from opioid addiction is possible and that it requires individualized, compassionate care. Our facility is a leading treatment center staffed by professionals who are committed to providing premier outpatient addiction treatment.
MAT is an effective, safe treatment method that blends the use of prescription medications with talk therapies for comprehensive treatment. Talk therapies at Taunton CTC can include group counseling and individual counseling, both of which can help patients address the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of opioid addiction. Group counseling provides an opportunity for patients to learn from others who have had similar experiences. It also encourages patients to support each other. Individual counseling focuses on patients gaining an understanding of addiction, from the coping skills they can use during difficult times to defining and committing to avoiding the triggers that led to opioid addiction in the first place. Both types of counseling can assist patients as they build strong support systems and progress toward recovery. When MAT was first recognized as an effective form of opioid addiction treatment, there was only one type of medication available. However, as years went by, additional medications emerged that provide a significant boon for those who are working to reclaim their lives from substance use.
At Taunton CTC, there are three medications patients may receive: buprenorphine, Suboxone, and methadone. When a person uses opioids for a long period of time, their body changes its chemistry to adapt to the presence of the substance. When the body no longer receives that substance, it must again adjust to functioning without opioids. This adjustment can cause uncomfortable symptoms for the patient, which medications can help reduce. Medications can also significantly reduce cravings for substances. When they don’t have intense cravings, patients can focus more fully on their treatment progress and reaching their goals. MAT also improves a person’s ability to successfully achieve and maintain recovery.
At Taunton CTC, we believe that treatment must be holistic to be effective. That is, it must focus on the whole person and heal their body, mind, and spirit. Our opioid addiction treatment center provides the interventions and support patients need to achieve recovery and live healthy, happy lives."

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