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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor
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Let's Talk!


The Good News.


It is natural to experience intense emotions, conflict, and troublesome patterns of behavior. Experiencing emotional pain, mental distress, and relational conflict does not make you mentally ill or disordered. It makes you a human being. 


The Even Better News.


Troublesome behaviors, relational distress, and emotional disturbances are natural responses that respond well to talk therapy's healing power. Talk therapy can help you turn natural responses into healthy emotional stability, relational connection, and mental clarity. Talk therapy helps you develop new ways of thinking, which become new ways of being relationally, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually.


How I Can Help


As a natural relational health practitioner, relationship specialist, marriage & family consultant, and educator, my relational health and fitness expertise can help you achieve the satisfying and mentally stable life you always thought was possible. In a collaborative effort, I work with my clients to help them better understand the root of their emotional pain and mental distress and design a plan to get them to the preferred vision of their best life. 


We start by identifying the specific behaviors, emotional disturbances, and mental distresses that keep you from living the best version of your life. Once we have an idea of where you are and where you want to be, my job is to help develop a plan to get you from where you don't want to be to where you do want to be; happy, healthy, satisfied, and complete in all areas of your life. 


Natural talk therapy can help you map your family tree and uncover the hidden patterns that result in relational disruptions, conflict, disconnection, and disturbing internal narratives. Talk therapy can help you become aware of the needs of your soul, including disruptive patterns of thinking, emotional disturbances, distorted imaginations, and condemning consciences. 


Natural talk therapy helps you heal from the inside out. Becoming relationally fit, behaviorally fit, emotionally fit and spiritually fit is an internal process that results in an external manifestation.


Healing is a natural process best facilitated by persons who have chosen to live life in a manner conducive to health and wholeness. This process typically begins by recognizing the need we all have for satisfying relational connection in ourselves, with others, and with God. When we straighten out spiritually, our relationship with ourselves and others tends to come into alignment as well. 


You can begin your journey to a satisfying and healthy relational life today.


Soul care directly addresses your emotional health's specific needs, your patterns of thinking or thought life, your imagination, and your conscience. These often overlooked and underappreciated parts of your Self provide the basis for much of the internal conflicts and distresses that disrupt our lives. Talk therapy can help identify the specific aspects of your inner Self in need of healing, realignment, and exploration. Soul care can help you develop a calm, non-reactive, peaceful, and stable way of being with yourself and others.


A nourishing soul care protocol can help settle your mind, reconcile your emotions, mend your imagination and rebuild your conscience. 


How is relational soul care different from traditional approaches to mental health?


I help clients heal troublesome internal conflicts and distress through natural, non-medicalized, and non-pathologizing methods such as talk therapy, spiritual guidance, family mapping, mediation, and systemic reorganization. Using a variety of educational, therapeutic, spiritual, and holistic approaches, I work with clients to develop a personalized plan for alleviating and healing the internal struggles and concerns keeping them from living their best life. In a label and drug-free environment, clients can explore, learn, develop, and manifest their natural creative design for health and wellness.  


My private practice focuses on helping clients address areas of their life often overlooked by traditional mental health professionals. Clients struggling with condemning consciences, destructive imaginations, explosive emotions, and disturbing thoughts are routinely classified as mentally disordered and subjected to medicalized programs that promote perpetual illness and limited recovery. Such approaches do little to foster or encourage the mind and body's natural propensity for health and wellness. 


A Better Way


Intuitively, people know emotional distresses, relational conflict, destructive imaginations, and condemning consciences are not part of our natural, created Self. They know there is a better way. That's why I have made it my life's work to help my clients develop the life of happiness, satisfaction, and connection they instinctively know they were created to enjoy. As your partner in life, I have crafted my practice to address the spiritual, relational, emotional, and behavioral difficulties clients wish to transform. Together we can heal the pain, calm the distress, ease the mind and reconcile the relationships. A new life is waiting. Let's get started today!  


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Dr. Teresa M. Walters, Ed.D., MAMFT, LMFT, LAC, DTM

Natural Relational Health Practitioner, Relationship Specialist, Marriage & Family Consultant, and Educator 


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