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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor & Christian Counselor
  • Phone: 317-224-8424
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  • Session Fees: $160 - 60-minute consultation or session
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Dr. Teresa M. Walters
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Dr. Teresa M. Walters

Ready for Something New?


Hi, I'm Dr. Teresa Walters, your partner in life. I teach people new ways of thinking and becoming happy, healthy, and whole relationally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically…the way it was meant to be.


I am also a wife, mother, grandmother, author, and innkeeper with years of lived experience, professional training, academic accomplishments, and a heart for helping others find lives of peace and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

Here is the good news!  

You Were Created to be Happy, Healthy, and Whole…in every aspect of your life.


Life wasn't meant to be complicated, painful, or lonely. You were created for loving and intimate relational connection with your Creator, yourself, and others. Yet, for many people, life has become an exhausting experience of emotional distress and relational disconnection.


Let's Work Together


If you've decided you've had enough pain, disconnection, and loneliness, it's time to start putting together a transformational plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. It would be my pleasure to come alongside you and help you embrace a life of peace, security, safety, and relational connection.


How to Get Started.


First, call me to set up your New Client Online Consultation. You can contact me at 317-224-8424 or 812-274-5333. Either number is just fine. You can text these numbers for faster service so I can get back to you quicker. 


Second: At the time of your appointment, log into the Doxy.me online teletherapy platform. Once you are in the waiting room, I will join you there. It's super simple and completely private. 

It's as simple as that. 

During the consultation, you can tell me your story, and we can work together to find the best way to address your needs.   
Please review the attached informational sheet to learn more about the online teletherapy platform I use.


To Learn More:
Please feel free to visit ChrysalisConnection.Online or ChrysalisConnections.com. There, you will find an abundance of information, and if you have any questions, feel free to call me at 812-274-5333 or 317-224-8424.


I can't wait to get to know you and help get you started on your journey to happiness, health, and wholeness.


God Bless,



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Chrysalis Connections Relationship Counseling

Dr. Teresa M. Walters



Natural Relational Health Practitioner | Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist

Marriage and Family Systems Specialist | Differentiation Coach


An Integrative Approach to Healing & Growth – Spirit, Soul & Body




·      Individual and Couples Therapy,

·      Integrative Psychotherapy

·      Marriage and Family Systems Supervision and Consultation

·      Emotional Wellness Master Class

·      Spiritual Growth and Development 

·      Differentiation Coaching 


Education and Credentials


·      Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University | Doctor of Education in Christian Education and Leadership | Ed.D | Graduate with High Distinction | 2020


o   Dissertation – Me, We, and Thee: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Targeted Parent's Lived Experience


·      Christian Theological Seminary | Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy | MAMFT | summa cum laude | 2014


o Master's Thesis – The Two Shall Become One: Differentiation, Spiritual Maturity, and the Marital Union Through the Theological and Theoretical Lens of a Bowenian Therapist.

·      Indiana Wesleyan University | Bachelor of Science | Addiction Counseling | BS | summa cum laude | 2012


·      Ivy Tech State College | Associate Degree | Office Administration/Legal Specialty | 2004


·      Northwestern University | School of Professional Studies | Domestic Mediation Certification | 2016


·      Cooperative Parenting Institute | Parenting Coordination Certification | 2016


·      Midwest Mediation Center | Domestic Mediation Certification | 2016


·      AACC | Board Certified Professional Christian Mediator | 2015


·      AACC | Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor | 2015


·      The King’s University | Pastoral Ministry Certification | 2020


·      PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator



Appointments Available In-person, Online, and By Phone


Office Address:

618 E. 2nd Street

Madison, Indiana










Dr. Teresa M Walters Reaches

Zionsville IN
Carmel IN
Brownsburg IN
Noblesville IN
Plainfield IN

Clients throughout Indiana