Teresa Mead, M.Psych, .R.Psych. (Provisional)

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Hi there!  Thank you for visiting my profile! Supporting individuals (children aged 6+, adolescents, adults), and relationships (family members, couples), has always been my goal.  For me, this means making each of my clients feel understood, safe, and with a sense of what ‘stepping forward with hope’ might look like to them.  

Some of my specialties include:
 -Historical or past trauma (including domestic violence, health events, sexual abuse, traffic or other accidents)
-Relationship and attachment difficulties
-Anxiety (including separation anxiety, burnout, workplace mental health leave)
-Self-harm and suicidal ideation
-Depression and lack of purpose or coping
-Emotion regulation (including anger management in intimate or family relationships)
-Impact of addiction within the family
-“Picky eating” (children)
-Intercultural and intergenerational struggle

I integrate art-based therapies into most of my work with children, and sometimes with families as well.  Prior to becoming registered as a Provisional Psychologist I worked extensively with adolescents and adults in the non-profit sector here in Canada, and with elementary and middle-school students in India (where I lived for 7 years).  Each of these experiences led me to become a therapist, and to deeply value the lived experiences of everyone that I meet.
I look forward to meeting you and to working with you on what is important to you at this time in your life😊

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