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Feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, or disconnected can be difficult to navigate on our own. Often we can become stuck, going around a 'hamster wheel' of thoughts that bring little resolution. Maybe we have unprocessed trauma, maybe the presence of a loud inner critic, maybe we fight the desire to control everything around us - these sensations can be exhausting and leave us knowing that something has to change, but we don't know how. This is where the right therapist can help, there are steps you can take to move through these moments and become unstuck. To help my clients move towards their goals, I employ an Integrated approach to therapy. This means that every client works at their own pace, using the techniques and modalities that they feel the most connected to. I draw from various schools of therapy, but my focus is on: mindfulness, somatic experiencing (employing the whole, mind-body system), polyvagal, IFS and AEDP as theoretical foundations. I am currently accepting clients for virtual appointments and will be opening for in-person sessions soon. If you have questions, please reach out for a free 30 minute consult. I look forward to connecting soon. 


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