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  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage & Family Therapists
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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most effective psychotherapy and counseling services. Whether it's depression, anxiety, ADHD, or relationship difficulties, we have licensed professionals who can help.  Our specialized services include play therapy for young children, individual and family therapy for tweens, teens, and adults, and even couples and marital counseling.  Our staff includes licensed clinical mental health counselors, clinical social workers, registered play therapists, and marriage and family therapists; who all share a common treatment philosophy grounded on empowerment and respect. 

Meet Our Counselors & Therapists  

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHCS, NCC, CCTP

I would describe my style as supportive and empowering, gentle while confronting or challenging, and periodically incorporating humor. My philosophy on the client/therapist relationship is that it is a partnership in which both parties are open and honest. As a therapist, it is my job to help guide the process. However, success occurs when clients are motivated in and out of session to make wanted changes. 

Laura Pond, LCMHC 
You are more than a diagnosis and you are stronger than the problems you are facing. I want to help you realize just how strong and resilient you are while providing a safe place for you to express your doubts, fears, and insecurities. I will work WITH you to alleviate the symptoms you are struggling with in a sincere and practical manner. I strongly encourage feedback throughout the therapeutic relationship and will collaborate with you on a consistent basis. You are the expert on your life, not I. That being said… two minds will always be better than one. 

Jennifer Freifeld, LCSW 
Seeking therapy shows your strength to face challenges.  I respect your choice to create meaningful changes and would be honored to be a part of your process. When we meet, we will discuss your difficulties and goals.  I will hear your unique experience and will learn what motivates you. From there, we will choose the therapeutic approaches which best fit you.  I may draw from evidence-based practices, mindfulness approaches, and experience with mediation and the arts. I look forward to meeting you, collaborating with you, and celebrating with you as you find more of what you are looking for—whether that is acceptance, peace, connection, courage, exuberance, or another personal goal. 

 Everyone experiences challenges in life but no one needs to face those challenges alone. Seeking help no matter what the challenge or circumstance shows strength and wisdom. My goal is to help you accept where you are and who you are, while challenging you to work towards and reach your goals – to become the person that you want to be; a holistically healthy individual and family member. I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can feel heard and valued. Whether our journey together lasts for years or just one day, I am excited to take that first step with you. 

Becky Kyle, LCSW
I believe counseling cannot be successful without honesty, openness to change, dedication, hard work, and strength. People come to counseling for many reasons, but most people seek counseling because they want a “change” in their life. Please keep in mind that this “change” may, at times, be challenging, difficult, and possibly painful. However, the goal should always be to bring about some positive change within you. Therapy should provide a safe place to explore behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and others in your life and allow you the opportunity to practice new ways of thinking and/or interacting in a safe environment before utilizing these skills in the “real world.” 
Gray Tomalavage, LCMHC
Communication, respect, and empathy are of utmost importance in any relationship, but most of all, the therapeutic relationship.  In order to be vulnerable and allow change to happen, we must be non judgmental, open, and honest.  As your counselor, I will provide an environment in which you can feel safe to be yourself and work through any uncomfortable or difficult issues that may arise.  The goal is not only to be able to solve our day to day problems, but to be able to cope with whatever big challenges may lie ahead.  My approach is holistic in nature so that we may work together toward improved mental health and overall wellness. 

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