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  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, and Marriage & Family Therapists
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      See additional office location: Raleigh, 27615
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      Raleigh, 27615
      (919) 617-9656
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 The Mindly Group, PLLC
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most effective psychotherapy and counseling services. Whether it's depression, anxiety, ADHD, or relationship difficulties, we have licensed professionals who can help.  Our specialized services include play therapy for young children, individual and family therapy for tweens, teens, and adults, and even couples and marital counseling.  Our staff includes licensed clinical mental health counselors, clinical social workers, registered play therapists, and marriage and family therapists; who all share a common treatment philosophy grounded on empowerment and respect. 

Meet Our Counselors & Therapists  

Stephanie Phillips, LCMHC, NCC, CCTP
I would describe my style as supportive and empowering, gentle while confronting or challenging, and periodically incorporating humor. My philosophy on the client/therapist relationship is that it is a partnership in which both parties are open and honest. As a therapist, it is my job to help guide the process. However, success occurs when clients are motivated in and out of session to make wanted changes. 

Laura Pond, LCMHC 
You are more than a diagnosis and you are stronger than the problems you are facing. I want to help you realize just how strong and resilient you are while providing a safe place for you to express your doubts, fears, and insecurities. I will work WITH you to alleviate the symptoms you are struggling with in a sincere and practical manner. I strongly encourage feedback throughout the therapeutic relationship and will collaborate with you on a consistent basis. You are the expert on your life, not I. That being said… two minds will always be better than one. 

Jennifer Freifeld, LCSW 
Seeking therapy shows your strength to face challenges.  I respect your choice to create meaningful changes and would be honored to be a part of your process. When we meet, we will discuss your difficulties and goals.  I will hear your unique experience and will learn what motivates you. From there, we will choose the therapeutic approaches which best fit you.  I may draw from evidence-based practices, mindfulness approaches, and experience with mediation and the arts. I look forward to meeting you, collaborating with you, and celebrating with you as you find more of what you are looking for—whether that is acceptance, peace, connection, courage, exuberance, or another personal goal. 

 Everyone experiences challenges in life but no one needs to face those challenges alone. Seeking help no matter what the challenge or circumstance shows strength and wisdom. My goal is to help you accept where you are and who you are, while challenging you to work towards and reach your goals – to become the person that you want to be; a holistically healthy individual and family member. I strive to create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can feel heard and valued. Whether our journey together lasts for years or just one day, I am excited to take that first step with you. 
Todd Lindsey, LCMHC

I believe counseling cannot be successful without honesty, openness to change, dedication, hard work, and strength. People come to counseling for many reasons, but most people seek counseling because they want a “change” in their life. Please keep in mind that this “change” may, at times, be challenging, difficult, and possibly painful. However, the goal should always be to bring about some positive change within you.  Therapy should provide a safe place to explore behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and others in your life and allow you the opportunity to practice new ways of thinking and/or interacting in a safe environment before utilizing these skills in the “real world.”
Renee Smusz, LCSW
As a therapist I strive to provide a secure and nonjudgmental space that invites others to share in the voyage of self-discovery. I believe a holistic approach to mental and emotional wellness can empower people to change behavioral patterns, strengthen social connections, and address the concerns of the present moment. I view this as a collaborative process in which the individual is the expert on his or her own mind, body, and spirit. I am honored to partner with individuals and offer tools, insight and encouragement so that they may feel better equipped to meet life’s challenges with hope and confidence. 

Funmi Ajani, LCMHCA
True, genuine, and lasting change cannot occur without being vulnerable. Vulnerability can be daunting; especially when sharing personal, uncomfortable, and deep issues with another person. As your therapist, my non-judgmental, empathic, and supportive role helps create a safe atmosphere. Being vulnerable in the context of a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship, while building skills will increase your ability to expand resources needed to effectively deal with problems, difficulties, and challenges life may present to you.

John von der Lehr, LCSW
I view the therapy experience as a “directed partnership” where strategies are used to directly impact the areas of your life that are in need of improvement. I don’t believe that “this is just the way it is” or “things can’t get better” or any of these other beliefs that hold people back from being happy and fulfilled in their lives. Whether it is depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety, problems in marriages, work situations, etc. or if you are looking for help with several small things in your life right now or if you are in a dark and difficult place, therapy can make a dramatic difference. Incorporating new or different understanding and with continual application of proven strategies, your emotions, thoughts and very life can be better and more enriching than you might even realize. I look forward to hearing from you.  

Katie Mendat List, LCMHCS, RPT
I serve children, adolescents and their families. I believe change/growth occur in a non-judgmental environment that provides a balance of challenge and support. All individuals have the potential for successfully meeting life’s day-to-day challenges. My primary goal as your counselor is to assist you in using the resources/strengths that you bring to the table in combination with appropriate therapeutic interventions to reach your goals. Sessions focus on self-awareness, choice, problem solving, and setting goals for the present and future. 

Barbara Garrett, LCSW

I offer insightful, supportive, and interactive therapy blended with resourceful, practical suggestions that can help you heal life’s hurts, like yourself more, adjust to life’s transitions, and develop improved communication skills and relationships. Many people think that they should be able to solve their problems by themselves, but doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone. It means bringing in the resources that will assist you. You can create a better life – first decide to, and then bring in the resources you need to do so. I invite you to let me be your resource, and assist you in improving your relationships and life. 
Jasmine Potts, LCMHC
I believe in providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can connect and be heard.  I believe that the issues we face in life have psychological, biological, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. I work with children, adolescents, and their families in developing social and emotional skills, processing life transitions, improving challenging behaviors, and building self-esteem.  My approach is holistic, taking the entire person and their unique life experiences into consideration for treatment. I enjoy working creatively with clients to help them achieve their goals.  Each of my clients is very important to me.  I am committed to helping my clients and their families feel validated and empowered in cultivating positive change in their daily lives.  

Connie Lancaster, LCMHC
We all experience ups and downs in life and I strongly believe that seeking help during the difficult times is a sign of great strength, not weakness, as it is a first step toward change. As a therapist, I view counseling as a collaborative process in which the client’s input and insight is just as valuable as mine. I strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which clients can be heard, supported, and empowered to transform their lives through exploration of thoughts and beliefs, behavioral patterns, and experiences that tend to hold them back. Through active participation in psychotherapy, clients can build on their inner strengths and develop the skills necessary to achieve the change and growth desired. 


Gregory Linares, LMFT 
I believe anyone, regardless of background or circumstance, can benefit from talk therapy. We all have “stuff” that can get in our way and therapy has been shown to help us cope and find solutions. Whether you have been to therapy many times or you are considering it for the first time, my aim is to work with you collaboratively to facilitate a space for honest exploration and growth.   My philosophy is that you are the expert when it comes to your life, thoughts, and feelings. My job is to foster a space for openness and honesty when addressing difficulties that might be getting in your way. I will walk with you as a source of support and insight through your challenges and help you reach your goals.

Lisa Armstrong
Neurofeedback Clinician 
 Lisa Armstrong is a Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner.  She is very passionate about helping others reach their full potential and creating an overall sense of well being.  Lisa specializes in anxiety and mood disorders, behavioral and conduct disorders, PTSD, and ADHD.
Madison West, LCMHCA

Are you feeling stuck in your life?  Overcome by feelings of distress and discomfort?  Like no one understands or will listen?  Or.. maybe the stress of daily life, your relationships, family, or career has you feeling overwhelmed.  I work to create a safe space that reflects openness, trust, and acceptance to allow you to be who you truly are while giving you the power to talk about what is going on in your life.  I strive to meet you where you are in your life and walk with you through your journey, at your pace, while providing support when facing obstacles.  My goal is to help you identify changes you’d like to make, challenge unhealthy coping mechanisms, and explore your thoughts and feelings as we work together.

Anna Broadwell, LCMHC
I believe a trusting and solid relationship between therapist and client is the most important and foundational element of the counseling relationship.  Developing rapport and providing supportive, safe, empathetic, and non-judgmental counseling environments are essential elements in building relationships. I believe that you are the expert of your life, and I provide an encouraging and positive voice for you on your journey of healing and self-discovery. Through a collaborative and person-centered approach, I encourage self-exploration and understanding as you share your stories. I consider it an honor to be invited to work with you on your journey. 


Carrie Thigpen, LCSW
My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.  While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.  By applying evidenced based therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Caroline Schwarz, LCMHCA

As your counselor, I believe my primary role is to provide an affirming, non-judgmental environment where you can explore your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  Life can be confusing and challenging, and I am here to provide a safe space and structured support. I welcome clients from all walks of life and enjoy working with individuals with diverse experiences. My counseling approach is holistic and eclectic, and I draw from numerous theories and techniques in each session, depending on your unique situation. You are the expert on your life and experiences, and I feel grateful to be able to walk with you toward your journey of healing and growth.

Becky Kyle, LCSW
I believe counseling cannot be successful without honesty, openness to change, dedication, hard work, and strength. People come to counseling for many reasons, but most people seek counseling because they want a “change” in their life. Please keep in mind that this “change” may, at times, be challenging, difficult, and possibly painful. However, the goal should always be to bring about some positive change within you. Therapy should provide a safe place to explore behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about yourself and others in your life and allow you the opportunity to practice new ways of thinking and/or interacting in a safe environment before utilizing these skills in the “real world.” 
Gray Tomalavage, LCMHCA
Communication, respect, and empathy are of utmost importance in any relationship, but most of all, the therapeutic relationship.  In order to be vulnerable and allow change to happen, we must be non judgmental, open, and honest.  As your counselor, I will provide an environment in which you can feel safe to be yourself and work through any uncomfortable or difficult issues that may arise.  The goal is not only to be able to solve our day to day problems, but to be able to cope with whatever big challenges may lie ahead.  My approach is holistic in nature so that we may work together toward improved mental health and overall wellness. 

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