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Mr. Thomas A. Bruno

Counselor, LLP, Specialist in Clinical Psychology 

Tom is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree as a Specialist in Clinical Psychology. For over 20 years, he has worked with Probation and Court systems in the surrounding counties and throughout the United States specializing in Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse and general Mental Health issues. He also works with attorneys completing DUI assessments in preparation for court.

In a safe, secure, non-judgmental atmosphere he will help bring clarity to the confusing problems one faces in life. You will also be digging into your own life to discover how you got to where you are. This may include exploring past relationships, family of origin and past experiences. Tom believes that understanding how you got to where you are is usually "half the cure." The rest is persistence and courage!

Tom will also help you discover your weaknesses, but more importantly your strengths, which can assist you in facing what life is giving you.

Having lived through a difficult childhood where there was both abuse and excessive use of alcohol, Tom readily understands and identifies with the trauma and pain many clients experience. He felt disconnected and unloved by his biological father. Thus, one of Tom's specialties is working with "Men who perceive to be unloved by their fathers."

In particular, this is more than a job for Tom. He readily declares, "I love what I do!" He takes a personal interest in everyone of his clients and is always rooting for their growth. He eagerly starts every day with the exciting opportunity of helping someone achieve a happier and more purposeful life. Tom enjoys a high success rate because of this, along with his ability to get to the heart of issues.

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