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  • Phone: (760) 529-0830
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  • Session Fees: $165 - $225 per 45-minute session after discounts applied.
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I am a Catholic marriage and family therapist who helps individuals, couples, and families in pain to experience deep personal and relational healing by using the top faith- and evidence-based treatments so that they can live out their unique vocations to love with ever greater peace, holiness, and joy.


I help:


o   Restore peace through deep healing

o   Resolve various internal problems like:

*  Anxiety

*  Depression

*  Addiction

*  Post-traumatic stress

*  OCD

*  Bipolar disorder

*  Poor concentration/organization

o   Overcome relational challenges like:

*  Recovering from various betrayals due to affairs, addiction, or abuse/neglect

*  Overcoming co-dependent relationship tendencies

*  Making better relational choices

*  Dealing better with difficult family members, friends, bosses, or co-workers

·         COUPLES

o   Save their marriages

o   Stop unfairly blaming one another

o   Halt violent outbursts

o   Greatly reduce the frequency and length of angry shouting matches

o   Eradicate contempt for one another

o   Rekindle their love for one another

o   Do heartfelt acts of love for one another

·         PARENTS

o   Regain control over their children in a nurturing, yet firm way

o   Love their children in a way that the child can receive it

o   Cope with the disappointing choices of their adult children

o   Better balance career and home life

·         FAMILIES

o   Deal with crises and/or difficult situations

o   Regain normal functioning after crises

o   Reconcile after ruptures

o   Work through family transitions more smoothly


Besides an emphasis on doing deep inner work with individuals, I also specialize in rebuilding trust in relationships, improving communication, and eliminating sexual addictions and/or cheating. EMDR is one method I use to help reduce the effects of various traumas.


Some of my credentials are as follows:

·         Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

·         M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Hope International University

·         M.A. Moral Theology from Holy Apostles College, Summa Cum Laude

·         B.S. Business, Management Information Systems, University of Wisconsin Parkside

·         E.M.D.R. training from E.M.D.R.I.

·         Reality Therapy (CBT) Certified from W.G.I.

o   Practicum under William Glasser, M.D.

·         Gestalt Therapy training from G.A.T.L.A.

·         Baars/Terruwe Model Affirmation Therapy

o   Education from Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.

o   4-yr practicum under Suzanne Baars, LMFT, Ph.D.


I have given lectures on various topics to audiences in Southern California and appeared as a guest on Catholic talk radio shows. I can be trusted to adhere to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


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