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  • Canadian Certified Counsellor
  • Online Counsellor, Online, British Columbia, V2B 0C7
  • Phone: 604-442-4505
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  • Session Fees: $140 per-session (+GST/HST)
  • www.timgarner.ca
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, IM, Webcam

Sometimes, our world flips-upside down. Our relationship starts cracking, our career spirals into stress and worry, or our mental health launches us into a tailspin.

We get stuck in a loop of painful memories and worries about the future, and feel powerless to stop them. The people in our life don’t seem to “get” what we’re going through, and we pull back into aloneness. Intense emotions seem to come out of nowhere. We don’t do the things we used to enjoy. We get scared, knowing that we aren’t “fully there” for our loved ones, and wonder if they’ll leave. And no matter what we try, we just can’t seem to “get happy” again.

I’m Tim, and I help change-motivated people break free from “just surviving”, and get back to living life fullyWith warmth, directness, and humor, I guide clients to see their own power and wisdom, and in so doing, find inner and outer solutions to their tough life issues. Anxiety and fear surrender into calm serenity.  Unhelpful behaviors are repatterned into uplifting action, and fulfilling careers are found. My clients just “feel better” about life. 

By using powerful techniques that are both evidence-based and cutting-edge, my focus is on achieving results – getting down to the true root of issues (rather than just skimming the surface), so that you experience lasting change. 

I offer counselling and psychotherapy exclusively online through face-to-face video-conferencing (Zoom cloud meetings). This allows you to meet with me at your ultimate convenience from anywhere in Canada. No commuting to an office required - we connect online from the comfort of your own home or office, or even while you’re travelling or on a quick break. 

I offer psychotherapy from the following modalities: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Lifespan Integration, Mindfulness, and Career Counselling. 

If anything I’ve said resonates, please don’t hesitate to visit my website (www.timgarner.ca) or email me at (therapy@timgarner.ca) to book a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. Together, we’ll co-create a healing plan that is uniquely tailored to your specific strengths, values, and life circumstances. Let’s gently and powerfully, move you towards the life you want. I look forward to meeting you.

 **Services only offered in English

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