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   Lepage Associates is home to a highly experienced team of experts with diverse specialties in all aspects of psychological and psychiatric services. We recognize when people seek psychological or psychiatric services, they are experiencing a problem they would like solved. By the time you start to think about seeking outside help, you have likely tried at least some alternatives, and those have not improved the situation to your satisfaction or given you the answers you seek. At Lepage Associates, the breadth of expertise among our staff means you will find people here who understand your problem and the issues inherent in the problem you are facing.

   Using a whole-person approach we look at thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. As strong diagnosticians, our early understanding of the problem results in more targeted interventions and thus successful treatment. We subscribe to a solution-based philosophy, in which we strive to address the problem as quickly as possible, but with enough depth to avoid relapse. We set goals early in treatment with adults and couples, or with children/teenagers and their families, so we can find successful solutions and change behavior problems, emotional difficulties, academic difficulties, or family problems as soon as possible. OUR WEBSITE HAS EXTENSIVE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

   Our doctors have a variety of specialty areas: depression and anxiety presentations in all ages; divorce and life transitions; relationships; children and families; AD/HD; psychological, educational, and forensic evaluations; and general mental health concerns and life stress. We are experienced in individual, couples/marriage, family, and group therapy for adults and teens; play therapy for children; psychological, educational, and forensic evaluations for all ages; separation and divorce; and family, civil and criminal court matters.

   We love people's life stories, and are always truly/deeply interested in the story of every child, teen, and adult we meet. We also think laughter is therapeutic. Combined with our clinical skills, we believe this comes across and results in strong and positive therapeutic relationships, and ultimately successful treatment.

   You will find a wealth of useful information and many helpful resources as you browse our site. www.lepageassociates.com. Please also feel free to call and speak with a doctor about our services and how we can help you. 919-572-0000.

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