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My absolute passion is helping people fight to fully inhabit their true selves and to align their lives with what they feel is meaningful.

The volumes of self-help written on the subject could fill libraries, with entire sections devoted to lists of secrets to happiness, or "positivity" or "gratitude" and other catchwords. They sell you a recipe, and if you can just find the right steps everything will fall into place. This, of course, is nonsense. If it were that easy, everyone would have done it. The path is much more difficult than we are led to believe.
And the stakes are much higher. When your "best self" is slipping away and you feel powerless to change course, you are in the fight of your life. Without change, there is no chance you will ever live the life you hoped for.
Standing at that crossroads, choosing a direction, and taking steps requires tremendous courage.
Meanwhile, life can throw overwhelming problems at us: Job loss can challenge our very identity. Health problems can rob us of time and opportunity. Loss of a loved one can leave us devastated, adrift and alone. The arrival of a new baby can turn a solid relationship into a pressure cooker. Responsibilities, relationships, and demands on time leave you drained.
 We cannot always control the problems in our lives, but we usually do have some say in how we face them. My job is to help you uncover your voice, your skills, and your courage as you face the problems life throws at you. My role is to help you find clarity about how you want to move forward, and to help you (and your partner, if a couple) marshal your skills and identify your resources so that you can face problems and pursue the life you want to live.

What it's like
Sessions are pretty informal: I'll ask you how you're doing and off we go. I listen and ask questions designed to help you make choices that are in line with what you hope for and what you value.
We will talk about problems big and small, and along the way there may be laughter and there may be tears. There will not be interrogation in search of what's "wrong" or "abnormal" about you. I won't be seeking to identify a disorder or a diagnosis. I won't tell you how to live your life, but I will help you figure out what life you want to live.
I hold a master’s degree from Phillips Graduate University and a bachelor’s from Princeton University. I also practice at Miracle Mile Community Practice in Los Angeles. I worked for several years in media, entertainment and sales, and am particularly in tune with the specific demands and pressures of those industries.
I am originally from New Orleans and have lived in Los Angeles since 2006.

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