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About Me 
  • Clinical transactional analyst therapist & counsellor.
  • Specialist in working with the client's core sense of self. 
  • Background in gestalt, relational integrative psychotherapy & counselling.
  • Expertise includes childhood trauma, depression, anxiety.
  • Over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, including 8 years in private practice with the UK Council For Psychotherapy.
  • I participate in personal therapy and supervision, which contributes greatly to the safety and effectiveness of my work.
  • I would describe myself as curious, dependable and passionate about my work.

What is Transactional Analysis?
  • TA is a tool by which to know yourself, to know how you relate to others, and to discover how you have been living out a life plan based on unconscious relational patterns.
  • These unconscious organizing patterns that begin at birth. They are reinforced and elaborated during a number of developmental ages. The results constitutes  a life 'script'.
  • With my help, you will experience change by becoming aware of the previously unconscious 'script' patterns. I can then facilitate different outcomes so you can achieve what you want in life.
  • TA offers many tools and useful approaches for individual, couple, and group therapy.
  • TA is based on the assumption that all individuals can learn to trust themselves, think for themselves, make their own decisions and express their feelings.
  • Eric Berne (1910-1970) is the originator and was primary developer of TA. He wrote many books and articles and was perhaps best known for his book "Games People Play" (1964). Since then, TA has grown into a several schools of application that integrate approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, psychodynamic, and in-depth relational psychology.

What can therapy offer?
  • An opportunity for personal growth, promoting increased autonomy, intimacy with others, and a sense of wholeness and contentment.
  • A means of balancing or resolving difficult emotions during crisis or in stressful life situations.
  • A way to address past traumas or lack of emotional fluency.
  • A place to manage and overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • A way to feel more secure and content in your life.
  • A safe place to work on relationship issues.

Men's Issues 
Typically men are brought up to be strong and put a wall up when it comes to vulnerability. Shame is a common emotional reaction that makes a man feel bad inside, then hide and often react defensively in anger. I see men to help with a wide range of men’s issues such as assertiveness, anger management, communication, sexual issues, loss and rejection.  Learn about your emotions and how to express yourself effectively and compassionately and how to listen to others. Learn about listening and soothing yourself when feeling pressure and stress. Overall learn that you’re not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. Contact me for confidential individual counselling and/or joining a men’s group.
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