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  • Registered Clinical Counselor
  • North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7P 3R9
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Take care, play hard, and stay healthy! Trevor


I am dedicated to maintaining a work-life balance that encompasses family, outdoor sport and recreational pursuits, volunteer work, and coaching. I value and consistently invest time and energy into Mindfulness, nutritional balance, ongoing professional development, and the fostering of close interpersonal relationships. These things, I believe, are fundamental to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Educational Background:

I have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Master of Science degrees at the University of British Columbia. My focus during this time was the psychology of learning, skill acquisition, and human behavior. I was also a varsity Cross-country Ski team athlete, coach, and team manager during my time at UBC. I was awarded Academic and Athletic All-Canadian awards for his commitment to academic and athletic excellence. My lifelong interest in sport and high performance mindsets took me to Australia where I completed my Doctorate in Psychology.

Areas of Practice:

I am passionate about working with people to help them achieve their maximum potential. This holds true for individuals struggling with mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression, or grief and loss), chronic health issues (e.g., chronic pain, illness, and injury), and top performers (e.g., sports people, performing artists, executives, and entrepreneurs).

My practice spans three areas: (1) general mental health, (2) chronic pain, chronic illness, & injury rehabilitation, (3) Sport and Performance psychology. 

Therapeutic Approach: My preference is to practice using a combination of Psychodynamic, Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, and Mindfulness Based cognitive Therapy perspectives. I believe that an integration of these techniques facilitates early progress within a counselling relationship while creating an environment where clients feel comfortable to examine the origin of their concerns. When appropriate, I also use Ego-state therapy to address issues around deep inner-personal conflict or grief and loss (please see my personal webpage for a description of this therapy).  Finally, I also use psychometric tests to further investigate issues and to help my clients understand and address a variety of psychological concerns.

At all times I strive to engage with people with a sense of curiosity and empathy to understand their concerns and then engage collectively with them to work through the concerns they express.

Personal History:

I grew up in North Vancouver where I was involved in competitive sport from a young age. I have both coached and competed at national and international levels; and in 1990, I represented Canada at the Triathlon World Championships. I chose to combine my interests in sport and psychology throughout my education. My wife and I moved to Melbourne Australia in 2002 so I could continue my education and professional development. In 2009 my family returned home to the North Shore. I am excited to be building a practice and working in the community that I have grown up and thrived in for much of my life. I continue to be passionate about sports; and compete and participate enthusiastically in a variety of sports—particularly high-risk sports where I get to explore issues around fear, courage, and mental focus. 

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