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  • Professional Masters Level Registed Social Worker and Registered Clinical Counselor
  • #201 (upstairs office), 622-1st Ave. , Ladysmith, British Columbia, V9G 1A1
  • Phone: 1 250-755-6331
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I have made it my life purpose to help others live the life they desire and deserve. I began this endeavour initially as a volunteer: assisting children and seniors at my local hospital, helping build homes, assisting at the food bank, and through various projects such as the Santa Sock (support for the homeless) initiative. I pursued this endeavour professionally by completing Bachelor, and Master of Social Work degrees with a Clinical (counselling) specialization. Previous to working as a private counsellor I provided assistance to others working as a Youth Worker, Family Support Worker, child protection Intake, Investigations, Case Manager and Supervisor. I worked as a Forensic Therapist helping those involved with the criminal justice system to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
And I can do the same for you-help you live the life you desire and deserve. Help you overcome barriers to living the life you want. You are worthy of greatness and all good things. 
I am registered with the British Columbia College of Social Workers and with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.  I have over two decades of experience in providing support to individuals and familys.  I have helped persons impacted by trauma, abuse, addictions and mental illness, forensic (court ordered). I have also offered support for those who may feel 'stuck', unhappy, unfulfilled, and not 'normal'.  Sometimes one session is all it takes to gain momentum in making changes, and sometimes people benefit from participating in several sessions. I offer various methods of therapy, and am dedicated to using the best method for you, recognizing we are all unique. I offer support in the format that works best for you: e-mail, video, phone or in-person. Some of the focus areas I provide support in include:    
-Relationship Support                            -Rebuilding after a relationship ends                 -Separation and Divorce     
-Grief and Loss                                       -Communication Skills                                     -Conflict Resolution     
-Anger Management                              -Depression & Anxiety                                      -Building Self Esteem      
-Goal Planning                                       -Adolescent Counselling                                    -Life Skills Support          
-Healthy Boundaries                              -Mental Wellness                                               -Addictions Treatment       
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder            -Postpartum Depression                                     -Life Coaching
I know that seeking support can be difficult and overwhelming. Asking for help shows a strength in you recognizing you want to make changes in your life and are taking steps to make these changes happen. I would be honoured to walk aside you in achieving your greatest life.


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