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*Masters degree in Counselling Psychology
*Bachelor degree in Education
*Member of BCACC and certified member of CCPA as a clinical supervisor
*Author of Not Good Enough: Understanding Your Core Belief & Anxiety~ A Handbook (go to for links to order the book)

Professional Experience
*20+ years teaching experience
*behavior specialist
*learning assistant
*alternate education
*vice principal
*school counsellor
*clinical counsellor in private practice
*facilitates workshops and training
*published author
*clinical supervisor for counsellors
*Extensive training in family violence, abuse, unresolved past experiences/abuse and cultural sensitivity. 
*Trobak Holistic Counselling practices a specific holistic model of therapy. 
Sabrina grew up in Fort St John BC and, after graduating from high school attended U of A and completed her Education degree, specializing in elementary; special education and she has also completed her Masters in Arts; Counselling Psychology.  Sabrina is a registered clinical counsellor with BCACC.  Sabrina has 20+ years working in the school system as a teacher, vice principal as well as school counsellor in all 3 school divisions.  Sabrina has been in private practice since 2009 and established Trobak Holistic Counselling in 2010.
Sabrina is also a nationally certified clinical supervisor. 

The model's focus is to increase self awareness and understanding, resolve past trauma and become efficient in identifying and processing emotions in order to truly heal.  As a person goes through life he/she experiences many different things and these experiences create a person’s perception of life.  It is through this therapeutic process that clients examine their own life experiences, thoughts and perceptions.
People are constantly trying to prove what they believe about themselves is true.  Therefore in order to make lasting changes in a person’s behavior, one must examine his/her core beliefs of self.  Trobak Holistic Counselling guides clients through this journey of self awareness, discovery and change and aids in the healing process by:
*exploring each aspect of a person: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.
*reviewing, with great detail, all the life experiences of a person.
*gaining an understanding of the person as well as the family he/she grew up in.
*addressing unresolved past experiences and issues.
*helping the client create new thought patterns, allowing the client to move through previous hurt and pain.
*helping the client become aware of and understand what he/she is thinking and feeling.
*resolving these past experiences and truly healing.
*being culturally sensitive to the differences in various cultural groups.
*creating and regularly reviewing a treatment plan.
*gain understanding of a person's current core belief which is often not good enough, not important, unloved and worthless.  This is followed by understanding how the core belief developed throughout a person's life. The guiding a person so he/she can change that core belief to good enough, important, loved and valued.
Sabrina Trobak, owner of Trobak Holistic Counselling offers virtual clinical supervision. 
Trobak Holistic Counselling also offers workshops, training and consulting to communities, services providers, industry and educators.  If you are interested in learning more about consulting, workshops and/or training please see the brochures attached or visit our website. 
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