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Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital is Fayetteville, Arkansas’ leading behavioral and mental health treatment center and hospital. Providing various inpatient, outpatient, and addiction programs for children, adolescents, adults, and senior adults, Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital offers optimal care for patients of all ages. Our inpatient behavioral health treatment center for children provides acute and subacute care for youths ages 5-11. Patients may benefit from our six-month intensive residential program or our 10-day acute crisis stabilization program. Both programs offer patients the tools they need to manage the symptoms of behavioral and mental health concerns, including psychotic disorders, depression, and self-harm. Our inpatient treatment center offers a multidisciplinary approach that includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused CBT, play therapy, medication management, and individual, family, and group therapies in a safe, structured environment. Adolescents ages 12-17 who struggle with psychiatric or behavioral concerns may benefit from our residential treatment center’s six-month HERO (Hope, Empower, Responsibility, Opportunity) program or our 10-day inpatient acute program specializing in stabilizing those who are in crisis. Our adolescent services offer patients various therapies, and our psychiatric processing, medication education, recreational therapy, and community group sessions are individualized for each patient’s needs. Adults age 18 and older who are experiencing symptoms of mental illness, including psychiatric, mood, and personality disorders, may receive treatment in our inpatient program for a period of seven to 10 days depending on their needs. Our facility offers safe and private care that is ideal for those who have symptoms including suicidal thoughts or actions, self-harm, and hallucinations. Adult patients who are suffering from symptoms of a substance use disorder can find healing at our addiction treatment center. Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital’s unique programs for patients who are suffering from addiction include a medically monitored detoxification program, which offers patients 24-hour monitoring and medication to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. This process prepares patients to move to an inpatient program that focuses on the psychological treatment of addiction. Our senior adult Turning Point program offers men and women age 55 and older inpatient treatment for mental, behavioral, and neurocognitive disorders. This program provides care for adults who are experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, disorganized thinking, depression and suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations. While adults often complete the Turning Point program in 15 days, each patient’s experience is unique and customized for them. In addition to Vantage Point’s inpatient services, we also offer adult intensive outpatient programming (IOP) for mental health and substance use disorders. Our IOP includes treatment Monday-Friday, and program sessions last three hours a day. Most patients stay in the program for six to eight weeks. Patients may either step down to our IOP after an inpatient program or enter it directly. Vantage Point Behavioral Health Hospital offers patients a safe, private, compassionate environment. Our staff includes psychiatrists, nurses, licensed social workers, therapists, therapeutic recreation specialists, and other health professionals who provide the comprehensive care that allows patients to develop the skills needed to manage addiction, behavioral health, or mental health symptoms. We offer free, confidential assessments at our main campus, off-site, and at schools, juvenile courts, and other medical facilities.

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