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   Dr. McMullin spent her graduate training at PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, specializing in research-supported treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults.  She worked within a variety of clinical settings for youth, including residential treatment, schools, and medical clinics, treating children, teens and young adults with attentional, behavioral, autistic spectrum, learning, mood, and anxiety disorders.  Dr. McMullin’s work led her to become an advocate for youth with both learning and psychological disabilities.  She also contributed to Dr. Hans Steiner’s research at Stanford Medical School on the cause and treatment of behavioral/attentional disorders.

During her internship, Dr. McMullin worked within a children’s hospital where she utilized health psychology techniques to aid in medical treatment adherence, adjusting to newly diagnosed chronic illnesses, and providing mental health support to reduce physical symptoms of disease.  The connection between the mind and body is quite strong, and she witnessed the pronounced effect of integrating psychotherapy into medical regimens of youth with chronic illness.  She furthered her health psychology interest by working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Southern California within the Disability Services Program and College Counseling Center.  There she worked with college and graduate students with anxiety, adjustment, depression, and academic problems and advocated for students with disabilities throughout campus.

In her practice, Dr. McMullin specializes in providing individual and family therapy for adolescents, young adults, college students and children.  Her therapeutic approach takes the unique needs of the individual into consideration.  She integrates cognitive-behavioral therapies, mindfulness, and client-centered approaches to psychotherapy into therapeutic work and utilizes a family systems approach to family therapy.  In addition to providing psychotherapy, she conducts psychological testing/evaluation for IEPs and disability diagnoses.

   Dr. Monroe received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, an American Psychological Association accredited program. Throughout her graduate training, she specialized in evaluating and treating adults with long-term mental illness including, but not limited to, major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Dr. Monroe completed an APA-approved internship at a New York State hospital wherein she conducted psychological assessments and implemented empirically-validated interventions for a severely mentally ill (SMI) population. To further her training, she completed a postdoctoral residency at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C. wherein her training included working with civil and forensic populations.

More specifically, Dr. Monroe received training in neuropsychology, violence risk assessments and competency screenings. In addition, she frequently implemented Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as co-facilitated modified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) groups for the SMI population. At Verdant Oak Behavioral Health, Dr. Monroe specializes in psychological assessment for adults including, but not limited to, intelligence, achievement and personality. Psychological assessment is beneficial in that it can clarify a diagnosis, delineate areas of strength and weakness, or inform psychotherapy treatment goals. Dr. Monroe also works with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression and persistent illness, such as schizophrenia. She generally utilizes CBT, which is an empirically-validated treatment, but is cognizant of individual needs and tailors her treatment to each client.

Dr. Monroe is currently licensed in California (PSY24929) and New York (019303). She is also credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


   Dr. Bradley specializes in psychotherapy and hypnosis in the treatment of adolescents, adults and couples.

Drawing on her extensive clinical background and life philosophy, Dr. Bradley takes a humanistic/holistic approach, wherein she integrates psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral elements to help clients learn healthy coping skills, strengthen emotional resilience, improve relationships, and to resolve problems to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. "I believe that, at the unconscious level, each of us has a deep understanding of what our unique purpose is (i.e. a true sense of self). However, through conditioning, life circumstances, cultural/societal expectations, and many other variables, there has grown a great disconnect between the way we are and who we truly want to be. As a facilitator, I will help you navigate through the process of self-discovery, self-understanding and self-acceptance, so that you can once again experience the ultimate state of well-being."

Dr. Bradley has developed a particular strength in helping clients in crisis situations. In addition to psychotherapy, she has found the use of hypnosis to be especially beneficial to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve pain management, reinforce sobriety, enhance performance, and facilitate the grieving process. She has found relaxation and visualization techniques to be quite helpful in improving psycho-social/emotional functioning following a crisis experience.

     Dr. Hammoudeh is a graduate of the Adler School of Professional Psychology, with a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of California. Her theoretical orientation is psychoanalytic, incorporating the teachings and philosophies of Carl Jung into her practice. Utilizing Jungian theory allows Dr. Hammoudeh to understand and treat the human condition from a depth-oriented and holistic perspective. Emphasis is placed upon attaining insight into how our unconscious minds affect how we perceive ourselves, perceive others, and the way in which we live our lives. Thus, self-actualization is a core goal of therapy.

The majority of Dr. Hammoudeh’s experience has been trauma-focused with children and adolescents. In addition to practicing Jungian theory, she incorporates art and play therapy into her practice. The methods of art and play therapy encourage the expression of emotions and thoughts that may be too difficult to verbalize or that children/adolescents are unable to verbalize. Expression in such a medium provides inner healing on many levels. Art therapy can also be beneficial with adults, again, by allowing the free expression of emotions. Dr. Hammoudeh’s experience has not been limited to solely treating children, however, as she has worked with adults of all ages, as well. She has practiced in environments ranging from outpatient mental health clinics to rehabilitation/nursing facilities.

Dr. Hammoudeh believes in incorporating an individualistic approach to her practice by taking into consideration the unique qualities and needs of each individual. By understanding each individual’s distinct experiences, holistic healing can be attained, and the potential for self-actualization grows.

   Dr. Rebecca Holtzman earned her Doctorate in Psychology from the Texas School of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Holtzman completed her pre-doctoral internship at Psychological Counseling & Associates in Huntsville, AL.  While there, she provided psychological assessments and therapy to children, adolescents, adults, and groups.  She spent half of her time providing therapy and guidance to college students at Oakwood College. Dr. Holtzman's post-graduate residency was completed at Kaiser Permanente in San Jose, CA in the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department as well as the Department of Psychiatry.  During her residency, she conducted psychological assessments and psychotherapy.  Much of her work focused on the treatment of anxiety and depression with chronic pain patients.  She helped implement and maintain several groups, including a biofeedback and anxiety group.  


Dr. Holtzman has nearly ten years of experience in the assessment of children, adolescents, and adults.  She is skilled at administering and interpreting a variety of psychological assessment batteries in a multitude of settings.  Dr. Holtzman assesses for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, Kindergarten Readiness, Giftedness, Emotional and Behavioral Problems, Learning Disorders as well as other DSM-5 psychological disorders.  Through the evaluation process, including meetings with the family, teachers and others involved, issues that are impeding growth will be identified and guidance provided for treatment planning as well as practical problem solving at home, school and in the community. Evaluations include a detailed report and feedback session as well as a thorough list of recommendations to assist the individual in progressing to his or her full potential.


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