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Do you find yourself having the same old arguments again and again, with yourself or with your significant relationships at home or at work?  Are you finding yourself stuck, knowing what you would like your life to feel like, but unable to get there on your own?  Sometimes it helps to have someone who isn't a spouse or family member to talk things out with in a confidential and safe environment.

We can work together to help you find more satisfaction with your life. I will listen and absorb your story and work with you to unlock your strengths, your courage and your unrecognized talents and passions. We will also work on finding the emotional and mental roadblocks that have kept you stuck in the past; helping you to push through them.

My goal is for you to continue down the path you choose with new insights, increased awareness, increased confidence and practical life skills.

Verna's Background:

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in the Los Gatos/Campbell area. I have an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. I work with individuals or couples who are going through changes that may have them off balance and needing support. My background includes work with women, men, and teens who are dealing with stress at work or school, going through divorce or other losses, coping with depression or anxiety, and many kinds of personal or family problems. 

I also have an M.S. in Human Resources Management and many years of experience in the corporate world. I have trained adults on increasing their communication skills, planning career and job changes, dealing with layoffs and job searches, and improving their reputation in the workplace.

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