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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
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  • Session Fees: $145 per 60 minute session
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Welcome!Let me be the first to say “Awesome job!” You have amazing courage to take that first step to your mental health wellness.

What YOU can expect to receive:
I strive to put clients at ease with a casual, down-to-earth approach that is based on confidentiality, honesty and openness. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I simply love helping people who have the courage to face difficult obstacles in their life that hinder their successes, whether that be personal, career or otherwise. Think of me as a friend, someone to shoot the "crap" with, who will have an unattached, emotional-free perspective. I will provide enhanced listening skills without the dogs barking or the kids playing in the background. I am equality driven - not biased towards the female perspective or take the side of the males. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard with fairness and respect.

Types of Counselling: (*** I Do Not Provide Couples Counselling***)

Individual counselling - covers just about everything that can hinder mental health wellness. Anxiety, everyday stress as well as work stressors, grief, loss and trauma are the most common cases that come through my door (life does seem to have that effect). 

Parent counselling - we all have family. Sometimes this is a good thing and other times... well…
hmmm. Parenting children and continuing to grow as a couple; raising
adolescents and not running away screaming while pulling out your hair, needing
an outside perspective to "wrangle" the troops. Let's sit down and
chat. Things can be worked out, together... and calmly.

Teenagers (Child, Youth & Adolescents included) – this word pretty well doesn't need an explanation to many people, but I want to clarify a few things for the sake of adolescents today (plus, as strange as it is, this is my favourite group to counsel). Today's young generations are going through a massive change physically, mentally, sexually and spiritually. They are trying to find their place in life, without always being approved. (We all do this, just not as vocally all the time). Teens explore: sex, pornography, illegal activity, friends, social media. They deal with more on a daily basis than we know. For example, bullying. Everyone says that there is a zero tolerance – seriously?! I can ask any class and at least half of the students will put up their hand and say that they are being bullied today. New loves. Old loves. Friendships. School. College. Career path. Peer pressure. Sex. Gender Identity. Drugs. Self esteem. Confidence. There is a strong reason why many of us “older” people would not wish to go back to high school days.

Who is Wanda?
I am someone who values people for who they are, not what they should be or what they have. I love my job. But I do have a life on the outside of these counselling walls. I have two very loved dogs that are joined at my hip, my fur therapists. I have a great guy in my life who is almost as spoiled as the dog. Give me a beach, an iced ginger ale, laughter and some peanut m&ms, and you will have a friend for life. I am working towards getting into shape (yes, round is a shape, but I want more rectangular) and having the best time with loved ones while I am here.
I founded NEON Counselling after 20 years of counselling, mentoring and networking with the community. I wanted to provide a safe environment where people can come to share their concerns and to provide support with an unbiased approach. After developing and doing presentations to students, schools, and professionals, (and surviving!), I have experienced first hand what people desire and need in a counsellor and I strive to be that person. You can expect from me, an approach that is confidential, respectful, open, and honest from someone who will speak to you with validation and has a realistic style (I play a great devil's advocate).

- Reg. Clinical Counsellor, BC Assoc. of Clinical Counsellors
- Reg. Professional Counsellor, Can. Professional Counsellors Assoc.
- EMDR Therapist, EMDR Canada & International

- CVAP, Crime Victim Assistance Program
- BCPFFA Endorsed, BC Professional Fire Fighters Association
- Metis Nation of Alberta
- Worksafe BC

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