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Waterville Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) offers opioid addiction treatment for adults age 18 and older in Waterville, Maine. Our premier outpatient treatment center uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to effectively provide relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We offer methadone and Suboxone as MAT medication options. Waterville CTC uses medication-assisted treatment because of its strong record of clinically proven results in successfully treating opioid addiction.
MAT is a valuable tool for helping individuals overcome opioid addiction. MAT medications alleviate the often unbearable physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal. After detox is complete, clients in early recovery may continue to experience intense opioid cravings. Cravings detract from mental and emotional health, taking a serious toll on a person’s quality of life. These challenges often make recovery from opioid addiction feel impossible, and cravings often lead to relapse even after detox is complete.
At Waterville CTC, MAT medications can be used for short- or long-term recovery maintenance. After prolonged opioid use, clients go through many physical, mental, and emotional changes in the days of early recovery. It may also be necessary to make additional changes to family relationships, friendships, living environment, or the workplace to create a lifestyle and social network that support the choice to stop opioid use. An additional reason why MAT is a leading method of treating opioid addiction is its ability to help stabilize brain chemistry. This effect in combination with counseling gives clients the tools they need to succeed in overcoming opioid addiction.
Treatment at Waterville CTC involves participation in both individual and group therapies. Individual counseling provides clients with a confidential environment in which to discuss how elements of personal life may contribute to addiction. Our experienced counselors help clients track recovery progress and offer suggestions and solutions for the unique challenges an individual is facing. Group counseling sessions demonstrate the value of having a social circle that understands and supports recovery. In early recovery, it’s often necessary for clients to reassess their current social circle and build new friendships with others who have chosen to leave addiction in the past. Participating in group sessions can build a sense of recovery-based community.
Clients can find understanding, improve their self-esteem, and practice skills that lead to better mental and emotional health. Waterville CTC understands that each individual has a personal relationship with addiction. We strive to create an encouraging therapeutic environment in which each client receives the individualized support they need to meet their unique recovery goals.

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