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Watsontown Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) offers assistance for adults age 18 and older who are in need of opioid addiction treatment services in Watsontown, Pennsylvania. We offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using either methadone or Suboxone. MAT at our premier treatment center combines medication with counseling to best support clients as they work to reach their recovery goals.
At Watsontown CTC, we understand that no two individuals are exactly alike when it comes to opioid addiction. Contributing factors, unresolved trauma, co-occurring mental health conditions, and social environment all play a role in how addiction impacts an individual’s life. The goal at our outpatient addiction treatment center is to provide individualized care so that every client who comes to us for help is empowered to succeed.
Our approach to treating opioid addiction is to put the individual first. We take the view that clients are responsible for their recovery from day one. Our role is to empower clients to succeed by providing tools, education, and guidance to help them build a strong foundation for recovery from opioid addiction. The FDA-approved medications used in MAT at Watsontown CTC have several benefits. They relieve the severe withdrawal symptoms that accompany opioid detox, making it possible for clients to stop using opioids the first day of treatment. The medications also provide significant relief from opioid cravings, making it easier for clients to complete treatment and avoid relapse. Additionally, MAT medications block the effects of opioids. This means that if relapse occurs during a client’s treatment, the effects of the opioid used will be lessened. Finally, MAT medications are clinically proven to help stabilize a client’s brain chemistry as they navigate the many hurdles that accompany early recovery. This crucial benefit can improve the quality and results of counseling.
Counseling is an essential part of medication-assisted treatment at Watsontown CTC. Our group counseling program provides peer support and addiction education, while our counselors offer individualized attention and help clients set and meet recovery goals. While medications work to provide immediate relief, counseling addresses the underlying causes that led to opioid use. At Watsontown CTC, we know that opioid addiction can lead to a fatal outcome. By using medication-assisted treatment, we are able to best support our clients. Our goal is to offer every client the support and encouragement they need to overcome opioid addiction and build a foundation for a fulfilling life in recovery.

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