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Wellness Resources Center, which is located in Boca Raton, Florida, is a trusted and respected addiction treatment center that offers adults ages 18 and older with a truly holistic and life-changing treatment experience. With an understanding that addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, and the mental illnesses that are known to exist at the same time as chemical dependency, can be exceptionally challenging to recover from and manage without proper care, this center provides unique and effective programming in an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

Unlike other treatment centers, Wellness Resource Center features a three-phase program that is meant to gradually help men and women resume their lives as drug-free individuals. Phase one is the most structured portion of this program, and closely resembles partial hospitalization treatment. While in this phase of care, adults partake in 28 to 120 days of services and develop a greater understanding of what contributed to and kept them trapped in the vicious cycle of substance abuse.

Community housing is part of phase one, though men and women are welcome to go off-campus to carry out tasks of daily living and practice the recovery and coping skills they have learned. Prior to beginning phase two, adults attend therapeutic activities during the day or in the evenings for 7 days each week.

Structured similar to intensive outpatient services, phase two at Wellness Resources Center is a deeply personalized experience as the methods of care utilized and the frequency of attended services is reliant on the specific needs of the individual. Depending on where a man or woman is at in his or her recovery journey, appointments for therapy sessions and other services are scheduled so that only the most favorable treatment outcomes result.

Furthermore, like in phase one, those in phase two reside in housing provided by this center so that continued support can be received from the Wellness Resource Center recovery community. It is also important to note that the length of time spent in phase two is also reliant on each person’s needs and that this portion of care is less restrictive than phase one.

Phase three of treatment at Wellness Resource Center is for men and women who require more time at this center to solidify their recovery skills. 12-Step support groups and traditional outpatient services are offered in phase three, though men and women in this portion of care benefit most from residing in our drug-free housing prior to returning to their respective homes.

Time spent in phase three can range from weeks to months, and all clients are afforded with the services they need to feel as confident as possible in living a sober lifestyle.  

Finally, Wellness Resource Center is pleased to facilitate family therapy services via its family program. This program connects this center’s clients and their loved ones so that they can become unified and heal from the damage caused by substance abuse. Additionally, this center also offers invaluable continuing care plans for each and every client as a means of ensuring each individual’s recovery success. These plans are created with the needs of each person in mind and detail only the needed resources and services that can help support a drug-free life. 

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