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West Lebanon Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a premier provider of opioid addiction treatment services in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. Our outpatient addiction treatment center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines individual and group counseling with the use of prescription medications, for adults age 18 and older.
MAT is a flexible and effective form of opioid addiction treatment. Clients at West Lebanon CTC are able to receive the full benefits of an addiction treatment program while maintaining the freedom to work and fulfill family obligations. When a client comes to West Lebanon CTC, treatment begins immediately. Clients are asked to share information about their medical and mental health history and details about their opioid use. They are encouraged to voice concerns and ask questions about the treatment process. Based on assessment results and client and physician input, clients are given a prescription for one of our FDA-approved MAT medications.
Clients at West Lebanon CTC receive a prescription for methadone, Suboxone, or buprenorphine. Offering a variety of MAT medications is the leading recommendation for best supporting a client’s unique needs. We carefully monitor medication effectiveness and can adjust the dosage or medication as needed to support client comfort during and after detox. Medication-assisted treatment is an evidence-based approach to treating opioid addiction. Attempting to detox from opioids is both physically and psychologically challenging. The withdrawal symptoms are usually severe and can even lead to death when detox is attempted without medical oversight.
MAT medications at West Lebanon CTC provide clients with a safe, effective means of immediately stopping opioid use without experiencing the uncomfortable side effects that usually accompany detox. Additional benefits include relief from cravings and support in stabilizing brain chemistry. Although medications are a valuable tool, they don’t address the factors in an individual’s life that have led to addiction. Left unaddressed, these factors can easily cause relapse. Counseling sessions are an important and effective part of MAT. Clients at our treatment center participate in both individual and group counseling. Group counseling provides a sense of community and solidarity, while individual sessions offer confidentiality and guidance targeted to a client’s unique situation. Opioid addiction can be difficult to overcome, but at West Lebanon CTC, we strive to make this goal a reality for every client who walks through our doors. We believe that when clients are handed the tools to succeed, they can make the changes necessary to sustain recovery from opioid addiction.

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