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Wichita Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction for adults age 18 and older in Wichita, Kansas. MAT is clinically proven to significantly improve recovery outcomes compared with other methods of treatment. At our premier outpatient addiction treatment center, we provide individualized support and comprehensive care for every client we treat.
Medication-assisted treatment at Wichita CTC may involve the use of methadone, Suboxone, or buprenorphine. The medications used in MAT work by reducing opioid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Decades of research has shown that using these medications to treat opioid addiction brings results that include improved recovery outcomes, reduced risk for relapse, and a decrease in opioid-related deaths. Our treatment team understands that these medications may affect individuals differently. A client is prescribed a medication based on personal factors like medical history and the severity of opioid addiction. We carefully monitor MAT progress. If a client needs additional support, our physicians will adjust the medication as needed to ensure that the client is receiving optimal treatment.
To best help clients achieve lasting recovery from opioid addiction, MAT also includes group and individual counseling services. As medications offer physical and psychological support, our counseling services provide a comprehensive approach to healing. At Wichita CTC, we believe that lasting recovery from opioid addiction requires making changes in all areas of life. Our counselors address underlying mental health concerns and help clients make social and environmental changes that support an opioid-free lifestyle. Our counseling sessions help clients set and achieve recovery goals. These goals may include healing relationships, seeking employment, and pursuing education or skills training.
Individual counseling sessions offer clients confidentiality and individualized attention. Group sessions are designed to provide community support and understanding. We seek to empower clients by giving them the tools that can lead to lasting recovery. Group counseling at Wichita CTC provides education on addiction, coping skills, communication skills, and conflict management. When addiction treatment includes education on how to effectively handle internal and external challenges, clients are less likely to resort to substance use as a means of coping with stressors.
Wichita CTC serves every client by offering support, understanding, and compassion during every stage of treatment. The primary goal at our treatment center is to help clients learn new, healthier ways of living. Our experienced team of behavioral health specialists strives to meet each client where they are. We help create a path forward from opioid addiction that is unique to each client’s individual needs and goals.

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