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Above all I am committed to providing therapeutic support that meets the needs and goals of clients in ways most helpful to them. Everyone needs help from time to time, especially in dealing with important parts of life.

Most expertise in:

·       Depression/Anxiety

·       Social Isolation

·       Nerd culture

LQBTQ+ community 

·       Athletics

·       Students

Potential benefits of therapy:

·       Reduction of difficult symptoms

·       Improved day-to-day function

·       Increased understanding of mental health concerns

·       New coping to manage life on a daily basis

I use the following methods:

·       Existential-Humanist Therapy

o   Focus on big picture, what is meaningful for each client. Tailoring care to meet client needs and goals. Encouraging clients to live authentically and create connection and meaning.

·       Cognitive

o   Address difficult or unhelpful thought patterns, change them, and explore the beliefs associated with them. Change how clients speak to themselves internally.

·       Behavioral

o   Make concrete changes in daily lives of clients. Add new habits and supports. Examine what works and what doesn’t.

·       Emotion-focused

o   Increase ability to feel and tolerate emotions. Add new coping skills to help make emotions easier to handle. Increase ability to express emotions.


·       $200-250 dollars per 50-minute sessions. Groups have a lower rate based upon membership.

·       Out of network/do not accept insurance, I provide billing for you to get reimbursed by insurance.

·       Sliding scale for some need-based clients. I also work with a clinician in training who can provide low-cost services!


·       PhD in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University 

·       Doctoral Internship Training at Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center

·       Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Loyola University Chicago

I grew up and was raised in Dallas, Texas and lived there until I moved ever northward to attend school. I attended undergraduate at Cornell College in Iowa, spent some time in Minneapolis, and then completed my master’s degree at Loyola University Chicago. I was involved with mental health from a young age, having significant family history and engagement with therapists and psychiatrists. A therapist of my own drastically changed my life by simply listening to me when no one else would. I always had it in my mind that the relationship I had with my therapist was important, when it went well. I chose to pursue psychology not just to help people, but to really connect and find ways to always challenge myself to be better.

My orientation to therapy is based upon the idea that no one thing works for everyone, and that everyone could use a little boost or help. From the start I work with my clients to stay focused on the big picture goals they have, and help them uncover the important things along the way. Often my clients already have the solutions, they just need help getting there. I view my job as a therapist as one of being alongside my clients, sometimes guiding, sometimes helping uncover, but always supporting. 

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