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Anger Management

Gabriel Cline, Ph.D.


4350 S. National Ave. Suite B-116, Springfield, MO

Anger management is commonly related to learning how to properly identify one's feelings and needs and learning new strategies to express themselves and getting their needs met. Employing both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy, we are able to quickly identify underlying issues causing your anger and develop solutions and strategies to improve how you relate the world around you.

Anger Management

Lakeland Behavioral Health System

Lakeland Behavioral Health

440 S. Market, Springfield, MO

There are multiple factors that can cause anger management and aggression. There are genetic factors, possibly brain-behavior connections that can be damaged, modeling after behavior in the home, or simply other disorders that can lead to aggression such as bipolar or conduct disorder. Lakeland offers a well balanced method to treating anger management and aggression including medication therapy and behavior therapy.

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