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Child Psychologist

Jennifer Cardinal, Ph.D

Dr. Jennifer Cardinal, Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of Murray, UT

NBCG specializes in comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations which are used to assist in accurately diagnosing our patients. By identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses effective treatments can be created based on each individual’s specific needs. Neurobehavioral Center for Growth (NBCG) provides comprehensive services to children, teens and their families. On the front end, we provide neuropsychological and psychological testing as needed to inform diagnosis and treatment. Once we have identified the targeted behaviors of concern, we work as a team to develop and

Child Counselor

Ethan Maryon, MSW, CSW

Certified Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of Murray, UT

I utilize fun, effective, and research-backed interventions when working with children. I often believe that there is meaning behind their actions, reactions, and words and that once we tune into what needs aren't being met we can help kids overcome the challenges they face. Often times children are unfairly put into situations where they do not thrive, but by taking a complete family approach to the problem I help clients find solutions, overcome challenging behaviors or emotions, and find a sense of peace.

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