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Family Counselor

Mid America Psychological and Counseling Service, P.C.

Mid-America Psychological and Counseling Services,

402 Wall St., Ste 23, Valparaiso, IN

Our approach to family therapy includes examination of individual members of the family. It is frequently observed that a family member who may have a psychiatric disorder is a source of conflict in the family. If that individual or individuals are not identified, it is unlikely that family therapy will work. So the first step is to rule out serious psychiatric disorders in the family. Our approach is to make an effective change in individuals and then work with the group because we believe that a machine can not work efficiently if all parts don't work equally well.

Family Counselor

Mark Smith, Masters (Coun), BCPC (Certified)

Dr. Mark S. and Theresa M. Smith

Within Driving Distance of Valparaiso, IN

Having raised six children my wife and I have had to navigate some strange and stress-filled waters. Does anyone understand teenagers? We can help you see if your home is adult or child centered. This alone is a great eye opener to fixing some simple conflicts. Our only requirement is for you as the parents is to understand that everyone in the home needs to make changes, not just the child(ren).

Family Counselor

Flavio Vega, PsyD, PhD, HSPP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Within Driving Distance of Valparaiso, IN

Family is like a big machine. The machine can work only if all parts play their roles and their efficiency in playing their parts is optimal. No matter how good a machine may be even one part of the machine does not work, it is likely that the rest of the machine won't work. My approach in family therapy is to make sure that all parts work in an optimal fashion.

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