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Grief & Loss

Radha Nadkarni, Ph.D.

Clinical Child Psychologist

2529 Oakstone Drive, Columbus, OH 43231

Grief is usually associated with some sort of emotional loss but also can affect physical, social and spiritual wellbeing. It is difficult for children to deal with loss of a parent, sibling, grandparent, pet, or any close friend or family member. Everyone experiences grief, however, if the grieving continues longer than expected, or affects every day functioning, your child may benefit from therapy.

Grief & Loss

LIVE Wellness Center, Therapists

Mental Health Providers (LISW, PC, ATR, LISW-S, etc.)

1335 Dublin Rd. Suite 205 C, Columbus, OH 43215

Bridget Perrin LISW-S is our grief and loss specialist. Bridget approaches the treatment process from a strengths based, person centered perspective. Bridget has a special compassion for those who are going through loss. Bridget has worked with clients who are experiencing losses such as death of a loved one, divorce, defiant children, pet loss, and many other forms of loss and feeling os grief.

Grief & Loss

Pete Lobert, PCC-S

Professional Clinical Counselor

4449 Easton Way, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43219

When clients come to me suffering from grief and loss they all want to know the same thing: "How long will this last?" Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up the grieving process but there are many things we can do to slow it down or put it on hold. No one wants to do that. Nobody wants to grieve longer than necessary. It is my job as a clinician to provide a safe, accepting, compassionate environment for clients to talk about and feel the loss so they can begin to put the pieces back together and start to move forward. I've helped many clients do this over the years and would be honored to help as you walk through yours.

Grief & Loss

Comprehensive Services, Ph.D., LISW, LPCC, LICDC, PsyD

Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors

1555 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43220

Grief counseling can be helpful when a person becomes overwhelmed to the extent that their normal methods of processing become disabled. Sometimes extreme grief can lead to reactions such as feelings of disorganization, tiredness, nightmares or vivid dreams, and changes in appetite. If unresolved, grief can cause wear to the body, and even lead to physical illnesses. Our clinicians have been trained to support and guide clients through the difficult process of dealing with grief and loss, so that they can reach a place of healthy resolution.

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