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December 8, 2021
by Patricia Tomasi

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How Are Nurses Coping During The Pandemic?

December 8, 2021 08:00 by Patricia Tomasi  [About the Author]

bigstock close up face of confident fem 414296894
A new study published in Nursing Administration Quarterly looked at associations among nurses' mental and physical Health, lifestyle behaviors, shift length, and workplace wellness support during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Based on previous findings from similar studies, we theorized that the COVID-19 pandemic would have a negative impact on the well-being of nurses,” study author Bernadette Mazurek told us. “Moreover, we believed that nurses who worked shorter shift lengths ( 12 hours) and perceived their workplace as not supportive of their wellness.” [More]

May 30, 2021
by Elizabeth Pratt

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Video Conferences More Exhausting If Participants Don't Feel Sense of Belonging

May 30, 2021 08:00 by Elizabeth Pratt  [About the Author]

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You sit down in front of your computer screen and dial in to yet another video conference. The content of the meeting isn’t all that different from if you had gathered with your colleagues in person, but after back to back video calls, you’re exhausted. You’re not alone. Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that more than 90 percent of employees reported feeling tired after a videoconference. [More]

June 8, 2015
by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT


New Harvard Study Shows Children Benefit From Having A Working Mother

June 8, 2015 07:55 by Andrea Ruse, LCPC, LAC, CCDP-D, RPT  [About the Author]

Is a woman's career life harmful to the well-being of her child? New information sheds light on this very question in a study published by Harvard Business School professor Kathleen McGinn, et al. In this study, the traditional point-of-view that working mothers are harming their children is being challenged as research focuses in on the effects on adult children of working mothers. [More]

February 25, 2015
by Dr. C. Wayne Winkle,Phd


Canada Blushes "Pink Shirt Day": Bullying Awareness

February 25, 2015 20:18 by Dr. C. Wayne Winkle,Phd  [About the Author]

February 25th. Anti-Bullying Day in Canada has been coined "Pink Shirt Day". Throughout many communities in Canada yesterday people saw pink! From the Starbucks Barista to the bank teller, the country took a stand against bullying. Mostly, the emphasis on bullying and its effects was directed toward the bullying that takes place in schoolyards. [More]

July 7, 2014
by Christie Hunter

howto navigate negative feedbackfrom your boss

How to Navigate Negative Feedback from Your Boss

July 7, 2014 04:55 by Christie Hunter  [About the Author]

howto navigate negative feedbackfrom your boss
With the competition in the corporate world becoming stiffer than ever, the number of people suffering from workplace stress is also increasing. American Psychology Association conducted a survey in which more 1,700 people participated. According to the survey results, more than 41% of the participants reported that they suffer from some kind of depressive disease due to negative workplace stress. A major percentage of participants told that apart from the workload, workplace bullying and negative comments from their boss are also two of the biggest factors responsible for a stressful workplace environment (Fuscaldo, 2012). [More]