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December 14, 2018
by Tina Arnoldi

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Artificial Intelligence Bias and Mental Health Implications

December 14, 2018 09:35 by Tina Arnoldi  [About the Author]

artificial intelligence 2167835 640
Machines do what we tell them to do so are we not responsible for bias? Headlines such as “Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women” imply the demographics of a team are very relevant to the users of these tools. If machines can discriminate, what are some considerations around bias and AI fairness when it comes to mental health? [More]

May 3, 2018
by Arthur Hunter


Brain Tumor Rates Double in England Stoking Fresh Fears of Cellphone Use

May 3, 2018 07:00 by Arthur Hunter  [About the Author]

A new study published in the Journal of Public Health and Environment shows a clear and drastic rise in the number of deadly brain cancers in recent years, raising the debate that a contributing factor is the widespread use of mobile phones. But despite the recent release, experts are divided more than ever on the question of whether or not cell phones and brain cancer risk are linked. Health experts caution against undue anxiety over the use of their cell phones. [More]

May 2, 2018
by Greg Geilman

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Improving Your Home Can Improve Mental Health

May 2, 2018 09:22 by Greg Geilman  [About the Author]

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There is a real relationship between home environment and mental health. Research shows that elements of home environment such as light, plants, color, and decor can have a direct impact on mental and emotional well being. If you suffer from anxiety, stress or depression, consider some valuable ways you can modify your home environment to help improve your mental health. [More]