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May 30, 2014
by Christie Hunter

Great Children's Charities You Can Trust

May 30, 2014 07:00 by Christie Hunter  [About the Author]

We wanted to close out Mental Health Awareness month by recognizing and promoting some of our favorite children’s charities.   Now most of us know several popular (and wonderful) charities such as St. Judes, United Way, and Salvation Army, for example.  But what we want to do here is point out some awesome charities that you may not know about.  So please lend a hand and share the word about some great folks who dedicate their lives to helping kids.  

What we are asking You to do:

Please do one of two things before leaving this page: Either share this article, or donate to a charity below.  We are hoping this humble request is not too much to ask of you, our dear reader. We have no affiliation with any of these charities, we are doing this simply because we feel it is a good thing.  Our hope is that many people will support these great organizations, so if you are unable to donate, then please do your part by sharing this page with others so that they can help! 


We looked at numerous children's charities all over the US and Canada.  Now, there are many thousands of charities out there, so we couldn't possibly review them all, but we did spend a lot of time reviewing a bunch.   In selecting our best, we used the following criteria:

Mission: We made sure the charity has, at its core, a commitment to helping children and a passion for the welfare of children.

Financial Transparency: We analyzed all the US charities through Guidestar to check for commitments to transparency and that financial documents are forthright and fully reported.

Friendliness: We contacted every charity, spoke with people, browsed their website. We were looking for folks who are easy to talk to, have great websites, and gave us an overall great feeling about themselves.

So, let’s get to it, here are our top 10 Children's Charities for 2014.  Please note, they are NOT in any order.  Every single one of these is just as good as all the others. 

Children’s Health CouncilCHC

Palo Alto, CA
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At Children’s Health Center we believe there is a world of promise and potential in every child and this confidence drives everything we do. We specialize in helping children, teens and families facing ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism. Today CHC offers unparalleled evaluation, therapy and education services through our two schools and clinics. CHC is unique. Nowhere but at CHC can a family be assured of receiving expert interdisciplinary care and multicultural sensitivity from bilingual therapists along with excellent education from caring teachers. All this takes place under one roof at 650 Clark Way. Over the past 60 years, we’ve impacted over 100,000 families.

Committee For ChildrenCFC

Seattle, WA
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Committee for Children, a 35-year-old international nonprofit, develops and supports research-based social-emotional learning, bullying prevention, and child protection programs for children from early learning through grade 8. Our unwavering commitment to research and evaluation ensures that our curricula are developmentally appropriate and tailored to the way children learn about empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. Our client support and outreach staff, many of whom are former teachers, are widely known for the high-quality implementation support they provide, and our innovative online training reflects best practices and allows schools to implement our programs with confidence.

International Child Art FoundationICAF

Washington DC
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The arts have the power to heal by nurturing creativity and developing empathy. The International Child Art Foundation serves American children and the world's children as their arts organization. The ICAF's programs include Healing Arts, which restores a child faith in himself/herself and trust in nature and humanity. Incorporated in the District of Columbia in April 1997, the ICAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In the summer of June 2015 the ICAF will produce its 5th World Children's Festival on the National Mall, which is free and open to the public.

Knights of Heroes FoundationKOHF

Loveland, CO
(719) 964-3387
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Knights of Heroes Foundation (KOH) is a one of a kind organization providing vital mentorship to a very deserving, at risk population of children who's fathers have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedom we all enjoy as Americans. KOH fosters relationships between campers, mentors and moms that will last a lifetime and reminds these incredible families that they will never be forgotten. By taking part in high adventure activities, the core values of KOH that include accepting responsibility, leading courageously and rejecting passivity are re-enforced and become a part of their lives.

Inheritance of HopeIoH

Pisgah Forest, NC
(914) 213-8435
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According to the Highmark Caring Foundation, 1 in 20 children,15 and younger, will suffer the loss of a parent. Inheritance of Hope uniquely serves these children and their families. We inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent through our Legacy Retreat®, an all-expenses-paid experience where families create lifelong memories and receive tools to navigate the challenges of a parent’s terminal illness. Nearly 200 families from 37 states have attended a Legacy Retreat®. Inheritance of Hope also offers Legacy Scholarships, provides literature, and individual/group ongoing support – spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Our products and services provide direct benefits for the children and a proactive, therapeutic focus for the parent.

My Stuff Bags FoundationMy Stuff Bags

Westlake Village, CA

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Recognizing that children who must be rescued from terrible situations of abuse, neglect and abandonment are further traumatized by the loss of all their belongings, the national My Stuff Bags Foundation initiated an innovative program to address their immediate physical and psychological needs when they enter crisis shelters and foster care empty- handed. To fill this unmet need My Stuff Bags Foundation provides individual age and gender appropriate My Stuff duffels containing new childhood essentials such as toiletries, clothing and school supplies, and comforts such as toys, a stuffed animal and handmade blanket. Our foundation has taken the unique approach of helping caregivers provide PFA (Psychological First Aid) in an immediate, tangible way to these children, and because My Stuff Bags are filled by volunteers with items donated by caring people across the country, children receiving them learn that many people truly care.

Washburn Center for ChildrenWCGC

Minneapolis, MN
(612) 871-1454 
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Washburn Center for Children is a 131-year-old nonprofit that has developed innovative therapeutic treatment methods which make a dramatic difference in the lives of thousands of Minnesotans by helping children grow into health adults. Responding to the community’s needs, Washburn recently expanded its services and doubled the number of children served, reaching nearly 2,700 children and approximately 8,000 family members each year through an array of center-based, in-home and school programs. Washburn has engaged the community in creating a new children’s mental health facility: a 55,000 square foot facility that more than doubles the space of the current building and incorporates the latest research showing how nature has a positive impact on children’s health, behavior and well-being. 


Camp WinstonCamp Winston

Toronto, ON
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Camp Winston provides inspiring recreational opportunities for kids with complex neurological disorders who need highly specialized support. Located on beautiful Sparrow Lake in the Muskoka region of Ontario, we operate a summer camp, weekend retreats and week-long retreats throughout the year. Our Camp offers a unique opportunity for these children to participate in specialized programs with mature, professional, well trained staff. Above all, Camp Winston’s primary focus is to set our children up for success and we believe that one summer can profoundly change a lifetime.

Kids Cancer CareKCC

Calgary, AB
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At Kids Cancer Care, we believe in the resilience of the human spirit. While the medical and nursing teams work to heal children with cancer in body, we strive to renew their spirit through friendship and community, laughter, fun and outdoor activity. Erasing childhood cancer is what we strive to do every day at Kids Cancer Care—whether that means reducing its impact on kids through life-affirming camp experiences and education scholarships or by permanently eliminating the disease through innovative research and hospital care. At Kids Cancer Care, we believe it is possible to change the course of childhood cancer in our lifetime, but we need your help to chart the way. Thank you for choosing Kids Cancer Care.

Youth Outreach ServicesYOS

Chicago, IL
(914) 213-8435
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Youth Outreach Services is dedicated to caring for Chicago’s most vulnerable youth, inspiring positive development in their lives, families and communities. Founded in 1959, we have served more than 300,000 youth and families through a variety of child welfare counseling, juvenile justice and prevention services, helping each overcome challeng such as abuse, neglect and homelessness. We believe all kids deserve to feel safe, healthy and ready to learn, and we are committed to providing the community-based support they need to overcome challenges and succeed!

Now that you have looked at these charities, do you remember our request?

Please consider to either share this article, or donate to one of these great charities. Right now, all you have is this moment. So let's do something in this single moment to help children everywhere!  


About the Author

Christie Hunter

Christie Hunter is registered clinical counselor in British Columbia and co-founder of Theravive. She is a certified management accountant. She has a masters of arts in counseling psychology from Liberty University with specialty in marriage and family and a post-graduate specialty in trauma resolution. In 2007 she started Theravive with her husband in order to help make mental health care easily attainable and nonthreatening. She has a passion for gifted children and their education. You can reach Christie at 360-350-8627 or write her at christie - at -

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