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November 9, 2016
by Theravive

Post Election Stress And Anxiety Are Real

November 9, 2016 07:19 by Theravive

Disbelief.  Shock.   Denial.  Then anger, confusion and uncertainty begin to swirl, eventually giving way to depression and despair.  These are the very real symptoms that millions of people are having right now as the result of last night’s election.  Post election stress and anxiety are not something to dismiss, and have been documented by psychologists.  For the winners, the election of Donald Trump was a monumental occasion of joy and celebration, even greater than Chicago Cubs fans watching their team win the world series for the first time in a hundred years. 

But Theravive is all about helping people and our heart and desire is to reach out to all people who are struggling with mental health, no matter if they are republican or democrat, conservative or liberal.    People matter to us, as we are all part of one single human race.  For those of you who are celebrating, we rejoice with you, it is a wonderful experience to feel that your country is finally going in a direction you have longed for.  And for those of you who are in disbelief, we share in your pain.  To feel that the country is headed in a wrong direction after so much progress is disheartening and frankly, completely depressing.  It feels like the wind was knocked out of you. 

So we want to say something both to Trump supporters and Hillary voters.  

First, to Donald Trump voters.  You won.  But remember that those around you are as American as you and they love their country also.  Those who voted for the other side…they are your friends and neighbors, they are your family and your coworkers.  Remember that today they are hurting and they deserve respect, honor, and encouragement.     Resist the urge to ‘rub it in’, that is no way to treat another human being.  This is a time to reach out.   So many people have been “unfriended” this election simply over their political views, it has been ugly and bitter. It is incumbent on you – the winners (and not the losers) to reach out and make the first move towards reconciliation and restoration.  The next several weeks will show your true colors.  Hillary Clinton supporters are hurting today.   If you dig in and throw it in their faces, then you missed a real chance at helping to restore the divide and heal deep wounds.    America is watching you.   Take the high road and treat them with understanding and respect, reach out your hand and be the one to make the first move, they are Americans like you.

To Hillary Clinton voters.  Your disappointment is real. Your anxiety, stress, and depression are real.  And you are not alone.  Counselors and psychologists have well recognized the place you are in and there is no shame in expressing what you are feeling.   Consider the value of counseling.  Therapists are professionals trained in helping you navigate this path of grief.  But know that America is a country designed to withstand these kinds of shifts, the country will endure.  It is not over by any means, because every 2 years there is another chance to voice yourself in an election.  Unlike other countries where dictators remain in power for decades, America is a country where the people get to choose, and they choose frequently.  Do not feel minimized, there is still beauty and wonder in this world.  Cherish your relationships, your blessings, and your family.  And please consider seeing a counselor.  At Theravive, we promote counseling because we know how amazing a great therapist can be for nearly any kind of life event or transition.  We promise you that even speaking to a counselor for one hour will have a tremendous positive effect on you. 

And finally…to everyone, we hope that somehow relationships that were broken over this election will begin to find healing.  Healing is always a positive path forward.  And even if it healing doesn’t happen in every case, the pursuit of healing in itself has enough value to make it the right choice going forward for all of us.

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