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Raising children and teens can be a most rewarding experience, and at other times it can be nothing less than challenging, frustrating, and even infuriating.  Harder still, as they go through the different ages and stages the rules change.  Raising teenagers comes with an entirely different set of struggles than raising younger children. When they are children, the primary goal is to keep them alive until they learn not to cross the street alone and that fire is hot. As they grow, the goal becomes to teach them the importance of being honest and doing the right things. You are now the parent of a young man or woman, who is struggling for their independence and at the same time quite happy to stay a child when convenient and keep the creature comforts of home close at hand.
Because children, pre-teens, and teenagers are striving to be independent, they don’t always make the best choices. Often they want to live in the adult world without adult responsibilities. They enjoy their friends more than their family, and they want to go about their own business without interference from a parental unit. However, quietly inside they still crave parental guidance and love and attention. Relating to your teenager doesn’’t have to be terribly difficult, and there is no right formula. Teenagers tend to push their parents away just when they need them the most. Your teen, regardless of their outward appearance or their standoffish attitude, really craves a parent’’s approval and understanding. Most teenagers don’’t go to their parents for guidance because they believe their parents won’’t understand their issues.
The therapeutic orientation chosen will vary according to the presenting problem and the style that works best for you, and may include standard talk therapies, as well as CBT, DBT, Humanistic, and / or Motivational Interviewing techniques.
We work with our clients to develop a sense of hope, regain a feeling of control, and accept responsibility for their thoughts and actions in order to enact changes in their lives. It is our belief that these are three components that must be possessed in order to truly develop and achieve personal growth and satisfaction.
We offer flexible hours because at Bluebonnet, we understand that your mental health needs don’t always stop on Friday at 5pm.  For those individuals unable to make it into the office, sessions via online counselling can be discussed and arranged. 
Our founder and chief psychologist earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston in 1993, and obtained his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University in 1998.  He has also completed significant specialised doctoral-level coursework in the areas of Cognition and Learning, and Clinical/Health Psychology.  His career and academic research has focused on issues related to children, teens, learning disabilities, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, self-injury, and Borderline and other Personality Disorders. 

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