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Do you sometimes feel inadequate or not good enough? Do you have difficulty trusting others and communicating your feelings? I would like to help. I have a warm and down-to-earth style and I have been practicing therapy for over 16 years.  
Are you feeling "stuck"? 
It is common for people to come to therapy and report feeling "stuck". I help them find resolutions to their problems by better understanding themselves and communicating their needs to others. With just a little help they become "unstuck" and feel a great deal better.
Would you like to quiet your inner critical voice? 
I often work with people who have inner critical messages such as: “I am not enough”; “I need to be a better person”; "I cannot trust others". Some explain feeling overly responsible and share that they have difficulty expressing their authentic feelings to others. Many people begin psychotherapy with the belief that they need to reject elements of their personality, body or spirituality in order to gain love from others. Feelings of hopelessness, shame, guilt, anxiety, and of “not being enough” are common. I help my clients to learn to accept and care for themselves wholly and freely.
Healing is possible...
There is plenty of room for every aspect of your personhood. Psychotherapy helps shame, anxiety and self-loathing dissipate; self-acceptance is the natural byproduct of therapeutic work. You can learn to let go of anxiety and trust your own inner truth. I look forward to hearing from you.    
"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change". - Carl Rogers

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