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Addiction Therapist

Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

11512 Lake Mead Avenue #704, Jacksonville, FL 32256

As an individual with over 17 years of sobriety and as a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist I am ideally suited to assist you in overcoming your addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs, pornography, or gambling. My approach to treating addiction is a combination of motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavior therapy, aspects of the 12-Steps, and the biopsychosocial approach.

Addiction Therapist

Connie Clark, LMHC, CCTP, CST

LMHC, Board Certified Sex Therapist

6108 Arlington Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32211

Clients bring a wide range of concerns to my office. They experience problems with addiction, substance abuse, and sexual addictions as well as stress, relationship problems & family dynamics. Many of my clients are high achieving people who are struggling with a problem. I draw upon my clients' strengths to assist them with making meaningful changes that make a difference in their lives.

Addiction Therapist

Kristen Montiel, LMFT, CAP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

2950 Halcyon Lane, #605, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Managing your addiction, or living with someone who's experienced addiction is a lifelong battle. I've helped hundreds of people who struggle with addiction in their process of sobriety. I also help families, specifically by addressing alcohol use and it’s impact on couples and families. I also work with couples who desire to overcome pornography or sex addictions.

Addiction Therapist


555 Stockton Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Our mission statement is to deliver effective treatment and recovery services based on proven steps and to help people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and related mental health issues.

Addiction Therapist

Melissa Lee-Tammeus, Ph.D., LMHC

Doctor of Human Services, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

8553 Suite 5B Argyle Business Loop, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Addiction in any form - eating, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or any number of things - can be debilitating to both the individual and to those that love them. Whether you are struggling to become sober or you are helping to understand someone who is, you can learn the role of addiction from both a biological and a psychological sense. The more knowledge you have about how addiction works as well as how to cope and replace bad habits with good habits, the faster one can begin to heal.

Addiction Therapist

Derenda Edmondson


9951 Atlantic Blvd Suite Suite 126, Jacksonville, FL 32225

My approach to addictions counseling is to provide a framework to avoid triggers assist you with learning how to change behaviors and create a safe and trusting environment through the recovery journey. We focus on the underlying causes for a client's addiction, and look at dependency and ask why. I educate clients on the disease concept of addiction and treat the who person, body, mind and spirit.

Addiction Therapist

Bruce Quinlan, D.Min, MA Professional Counseling

Dr. Bruce Quinlan

3000 Hartley Road Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32257

I normally will act more as a coach than a therapist for alcoholism. This is because I believe strongly that intensive outpatient treatment programs (or inpatient with detox), attendance at AA, and working through the 12 steps with a sponsor is the most effective approach. For sexual addiction I go through Patrick Carnes workbook with the client (Tiger Woods therapist) and require that they participate in SA, Faithful and True, or at least one other recovery group. In general I am trying to help the person stop the behavior, but to also understand it and get inner healing for the root causes of the addiction. Then I help create a "trajectory" of recovery, which is a pathway for healing.

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