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Couples Counselor

Virginia Boney, Ph.D., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Certified Gottman Couples Counselor

7545 Centurian Parkway, #105, Jacksonville, Florida

Gottman Couples Counseling and Emotion-Focused Couples Counseling are the most highly respected research-supported approaches to counseling couples in the world, whether married or engaged. Infidelity is a common presenting concern for couples seeking counseling, and Dr. Boney has successfully assisted numerous couples to heal from this devastating breach of trust, understand how the marriage became vulnerable to infidelity, and build a more fulfilling relationship.

Couples Counselor

Bruce Quinlan, D.Min, MA Professional Counseling

Dr. Bruce Quinlan

3000 Hartley Road Suite 3, Jacksonville, Florida

I love helping couples experience emotional connection and bonding through emotionally focused therapy. I also have 2 acrostics called LUVE and ATTUNES that I have put together from the best of other marital therapies. LUVE for example stands for listen, understand, validate, and empathize or go with the emotional feeling. We re-process past unresolved fights in session using luve and attunes. Unresolved arguments lead to reactive patterns of interaction. Once couples can repair these attachment injuries on their own they are much better able to maintain safe and secure emotional bonding.

Couples Counselor

Dana Bridges, MA, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

6620 Southpoint Dr. S, Suite 450-J, Jacksonville, Florida

It takes two whole people to make one successful couple. Relationships are not always 50/50. They also are not always 100/100. Sometimes there is a give and a take, learning the ebbs and flows of your partner, being a strength when the other is weak and vice versa. Relationships are not a place to keep score. There is no winner. Both parties lose when the relationship becomes a game. As I often say, I don't have all the answers, but I am happy to share what I do know and explore with you what the best options are for you to navigate through your relationship.

Couples Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

What are the most common couples' issues? If you are thinking "communication, conflict, sex, money, child rearing" you are correct. However, most therapists will go after the symptom on each side of the couple fence thinking that the way to effective change is by getting each party to "work" on their respective "issue". Many times the parties don’t agree but comply. Imagine if you could align the unconscious brains of a couple and stop the "working on your issues" part that has become so popular in therapy settings? Contact to learn how! Or call 877-606-6161. DR. FLEMING'S NEW RELATIONSHIP/COUPLES INTENSIVES.

Couples Counselor

Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW


1545 Landon Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida

Is your relationship in crisis? Are you fighting all the time, or are you so distant from each other you hardly speak? Has there been betrayal, lying or infidelity? Are you considering divorce or separation? For over 20 years I have helped couples in crisis stop hurtful patterns and deepen their love relationships. I will be an objective mediator to help you QUICKLY stop behaviors that are not working, and use more successful ones. For more information on my approach, click this link:

Couples Counselor

Josie Rippey, Ph.D, LCPC

License Clinical Christian Counselor

AFCC , Orange Park, Florida

My passion is helping couples of all ages from the beginning of the relationship deal and heal from any issues that might be preventing peace and happiness. If you are ready to take the first step of :say I do" I highly recommend and offer pre-marital counseling utilizing SYMBIS (Save your marriage before it starts) profile report. I also work with married couples, unmarried, dating or in a mid life/marriage crisis. I will also help you both learn to communicate effectively.

Couples Counselor

Tabitha Johnson, Ph.D., LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

2950 Halcyon Lane, Suite 605, Jacksonville, Florida

Are you struggling in your relationship with communication, conflict resolution, sexual problems, infidelity, intimacy problems, or a potential separation or divorce? Do you fear your marriage is over, but want to make it work? I'd love to hear your story and help. I'm a special type of counselor because I specialize in working with couples. I help couples experience more peace, more connection, and greater passion in their relationship. My education, research, and experience have all been centered on couple relationships. I’ve successfully helped hundreds of couples headed toward divorce fall in love again. Visit my website today to schedule an appointment. I'd love to hear your story.

Couples Counselor

James Jordan, PH.D

Certified Christian Family Counselor

786 Blanding,Suite 112, Orange Park, Florida

Couples need guidance before entering into a marriage commitment.Counseling before marriage is becoming a necessary approach for a sucessful marriage.Answering questions of approaching a new life together is very important.Stressing the obligations of the man and woman from a biblical perspective is essential to a sucessful fulfilled marriage.Christian Counseling can give this direction for your marriage.

Couples Counselor

Justin D'Arienzo, Psy.D., ABPP

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

11512 Lake Mead Avenue #704, Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida Psychologist and Relationship Expert: As a Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Parenting Coordinator, happily married husband, and father of four children, I am well suited to assist you in resolving conflict, rescuing your relationship, or amicably determining when to call it quits. My style is a solution focused unbiased approach. I typically begin therapy meeting couples together and then individually as necessary in order to find resolution in the most efficient manner.

Couples Counselor

Richard Nay, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

2970 Hartley Rd. #201, Jacksonville , Florida

I very much enjoy working with couples, and see couples counseling as a very active, dynamic process. After quickly helping a couple to identify their particular problem areas, we begin to work together toward finding solutions, improving communication patterns, building intimacy, and learning what our partner needs to feel loved, I often encourage couples with "homework assignments", in order to reinforce new information learned within the session.

Couples Counselor

Kristen Montiel, LMFT, CAP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

2950 Halcyon Lane, #605, Jacksonville, Florida

If you're ready to experience a change in your relationship, I'd like to help. Experience romance, passion, and great sex again. Your partner can be your best friend. Communicate and solve problems more effectively. You can have the relationship you've always wanted. I've helped hundreds of couples experience a better relationship, and I'd like to help you achieve a healthy, happy relationship.

Couples Counselor

John Seniff, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

71 Fisherman's Cove, Jacksonville, Florida

Meeting the person important in our life can be a happy and satisfying moment. But as time goes on, difficulties and differences can arise. Communication breaks down. Emotions begin to escalate. Confusion and despair can set it. There is a solution. As a therapist that focuses on the relational aspect of therapy, I will help you to understand the causes of these difficulties and how to resolve them, either to mend the relationship or recognize when it is time to go on your own path.

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Jacksonville is located in Duval County, Florida. It has a land area of 747.44 square miles and a water area of 127.19 square miles.  The population of Jacksonville is 868,031 people with 318,575 households and a median annual income of $46,764. .

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While counseling can certainly be an expense for individuals and families in Jacksonville, with proper budgeting, it is entirely do-able and the risk/reward is worth it. For some families, it may be difficult to sustain a commitment to therapy without proper insurance coverage. If this is you, ask your therapist about low cost options as practitoners in and around Jacksonville may have flexibility or sliding scales