Jozeffa Greer, MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Location: 2015 21st Street, Ste. 305, Sacramento

Is your life filled with so much stress that there never seems to be a time when you can just let go? Are you always on the lookout for threat in your world? Do you wake up at night thinking about what has to be done so that you never seem to be able to really rest? Or do you feel panic at times even though you think you are safe? Constant stress and anxiety is not only an uncomfortable way to live but can lead to health problems as well. Learn tools that will give you relief. Understand how you create anxiety. Find out where you hold anxiety in your body and what it might mean. And learn to self-soothe and self-support yourself so that you can face life's challenges with greater ease.

Kathryn Ventry, MA, MS

Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern, #67182

Location: 9300 Tech Center Dr., Ste. 250, Sacramento

In treating anxiety, my approach is warm and compassionate. I try to make my clients feel safe and comfortable in sharing their personal thoughts and experiences. My goal as a therapist is to employ methods that will bring relief or resolution of your problems in a timely manner. My counseling is very collaborative, as I want you to be fully engaged in your therapy to ensure the best outcome. I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Research has shown that what you think affects how you feel and act. CBT addresses negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs. If the anxiety and stress is related to a traumatic event, I may also use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Deborah Cohen, MFT, MPH

Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 2620 J Street, Sacramento

I assist my clients to work through stress and anxiety by providing the following: relaxation techniques, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that are helpful. We also look at times in my client's life when he/she was stressed or anxious and got through it successfully, and what were the coping skills that helped at that time.

Kathleen Oravec, LMFT #51941

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Location: 1116 22nd Street, Sacramento

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences at times. Many people feel anxious, or nervous, when faced with a conflict at home, problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision. Symptoms are feelings of panic, fear, uneasiness, uncontrollable, obsessive thoughts, problems wth sleep and appetite When anxiety and stress become constant and overwhelming, they can be crippling and it is time to get help. Please contact me so I can help you learn coping strategies and help you regain the quality of life you deserve.

Ivy Griffin, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Location: 3112 O Street, Suite 3, Sacramento

Whew, anxiety can feel like your engine is just constantly revving without you going anywhere! When anxiety is present, people can feel jittery, overwhelmed, like their stomach has been overtaken by butterflies or like they have knots of tension and worry throughout their body. People often describe that "just can't stop thinking" sensation, as all their thoughts and worries ping pong around incessantly through their head. I invite you to come in for therapy so we can help you find relief. We'll talk about and practice skills for how to relax your body and mind and for how you can regain control of your thoughts, instead of letting them run away with you.

Susan Yuen, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 3112 O Street Suite #3, Sacramento

Stress is inevitable. We are all forced to do more than there are hours in the day. If you are already prone to anxiety, stress is even that much more difficult to manage. Stress and anxiety don't have to rule our lives. Therapy with Susan Yuen, LMFT can help you learn research proven methods for managing stress and feeling more at peace with life. While we often can not change our life circumstances, we can benefit from healthier ways of managing our stress to develop greater life satisfaction. Check out my website for more info on how I can help you.

Catherine Zanzi, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC # 53648

Location: 2000 L Street, Suite 150, Sacramento

Anxiety and stress are a normal part of life. When they begin to control our lives however, we need to seek help. I can assist you in discovering the root causes and triggers for your anxiety, and help you to bring these emotions under control. Through a variety of relaxation techniques, talk therapy, and interventions unique to your situation, we can work together to bring your stress to manageable levels.

Gia Herndon, M.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: 2000 L Street Ste. 150, Sacramento

Stress is a normal human experience that does have an aspect of anxiety associated with it. There are functional amounts of stress and anxiety, but when they become dysfunctional the experience can be debilitating. Anxiety does not have to take over your life. I work from a holistic perspective that explores the mind/body/spirit interaction. I utilize mindfulness and somatic techniques as well as cognitive/behavioral approaches to reducing anxiety to functional levels. Many modern practitioners recognize the importance of the "stress response" in our lives. I believe we can learn to work with this response in a functional and useful way.

Joan Fellows, M.A. MFC

Licensed Marriage, Family, Individual Therapist

Location: 1909 Capitol Ave. Suite I, Sacramento

Everyone experiences anxiety in their lives. However it can also become overwhleming and can interfere with you leading a calm life. Panic attacks can be a part of overwhelming anxiety. Some symptoms of anxiety can be racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping, excessive worry, fearfulness, becoming numb emotionally,irritability, dizziness, tightness, upset stomach and other often times disturbing symptoms. Therapy can help you more effectively deal with the stressors in your life. Through therapy you can learn effective cognitive behavorial stress management and anxiety reduction techniques. Therapy can also help you restore or gain more self confidence and self awareness.

Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Location: , Sacramento

While most treatment approaches for anxiety and stress are effective on the surface, they don’t treat the real problem. Mantras, deep breathing, and rational dialogues about your fear being irrational rarely work---for most people don’t believe it or you! Imagine if you can trick the brain into changing without you telling your conscious mind that you are changing it? Problem with anxiety and stress is that the brain in this state knows you want to change it and it resists. Contact for the ultimate stress and anxiety solution that will literally change your brain's autonomic nervous system patterns while you sit on your butt. 877-606-6161.

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