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Family Counselor

Ed Segawa, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

17451 Bastanchury Rd Suite 204-27, Yorba Linda, CA

Family Therapy is often the most beneficial when there is a family conflict or crises. Examples of family conflict are a recent divorce or separation, sibling rivalry, arguments over a living trust or will and discussing end-of-life issues. One of the most difficult situations for families to adjust to is blending families. If you have been married before and going into a second marriage with your own children, it brings a whole new set of problems . Examples of a family crises is death of a loved one, a family member of loved one getting a serious illness, or a family member going through a trauma like physical or sexual abuse, being severely bullied, victim of a crime or the like.

Family Counselor

Dr. Lynne, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Within Driving Distance of Yorba Linda, CA

Each family member plays a role in the family system. Each is different and expected to act as a "team." When the team approach works, the family works at it's best. However, many family members act as though they are on opposite teams. Conflict is present, then oftentimes, detacment and rebellion. Working with a therapist as a family can help identity the role each member is playing and how they work in the family system. In a safe, respectul enviornment, a therapist will provide a place to be heard, teaching productive communication skills, offering tools and insight into the family dynamics.

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Find family counseling in California. Theravive is the best source for effective family therapy in Yorba Linda CA. A Family therapist has training and expertise in the relational dynamics both in and outside the home. Contact us to begin your new commitment to beneficial change.

Welcome to our network of family therapists in Yorba Linda. Strife and turmoil in the home, or with extended family, can damage many of our relationships. Family counseling is available in Yorba Linda, CA and can help find common ground, and begin restoration and healing. We hope that you will contact us for more information and to book an appointment.