Grief & Loss Counseling and Bereavement Services in La Jolla CA.

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Grief & Loss

David Jacobs, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, B214-1, La Jolla, CA

Treatment for grief and loss must allow the sufferer to fully express the range of their feelings. Individuals have their own (private) experience of attachment to loved ones. Present losses (death, divorce, loss of job, home) can also stimulate old feelings (pain, anger, guilt, shame, hopelessness, abandonment, rejection, etc.) from childhood that are unprocessed and unresolved. People who did not experience a safe family life in childhood are naturally reluctant to rely on others to share their sensitive feelings and are afraid to do so in the present. I offer clients the opportunity to explore the resistance to trust others and the opportunity to create a new relationship.

Grief & Loss

Heather Bone, LMFT

Licensed Clinical Counselor

Within Driving Distance of La Jolla, CA

I provide a safe place to grieve the loss of your loved one and can help you move through the stages of grief, finding peace and acceptance while honoring the love you shared. I would be grateful to assist you in processing your feelings and helping you find rituals that will honor and help you say goodbye. I am able to guide individuals, couples and families through this process.

Grief & Loss

Shirley Babior, LCSW, LMFT

Licensed Clinical Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist

3252 Holiday Ct, Ste 220, La Jolla, CA

Your unresolved grief, whether from a death, divorce, or the many other types of loss is individual and unique. For over 20 years, I have been assisting survivors recover. Grief is a natural part of life; however, if your sadness, insomnia, anxiety, fears, avoidance and perhaps anger are overwhelming, my experience, understanding and specialty in treating anxiety disorders with cognitive behavioral and compassion-focused counseling will help you gain specific strategies to manage your painful symptoms and come out the other side. To move forward in your recovery, call me at 619-542-0536

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Grief Counseling in La Jolla CA.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of grief counseling are to help the individual move through the pain, find acceptance in the present, and redefine a future that still has hope and meaning. Contact a bereavement therapist in La Jolla, CA and begin steps towards healing. Recovery from loss through a grief counselor in La Jolla, CA means finding a way to move through the pain and work through it to find hope and meaning in life again.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, consider grief counseling in La Jolla CA and speak with a licensed therapist. A California grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength and tools to make it through the grieving process, and help redefine a new future that still has joy and happiness.