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Grief & Loss

Dr. Lynne, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Faced with the death of a loved one is for most of us an emotional challenge filled with pain. Talking to another will help you process the many confusing thoughts and emotions which accompany grief. Grief never happens in a predictable way. Having a professional therapist help you through the "stages of grief" will enable you to understand the complexity of grief, offer you comfort, and give you hope for the future. The "grief process" can be overwhelming at times and knowing you have a skilled counselor to guide you through this journey will offer solace in a difficult time. Losing a loved one may change our lives forever, but eventually the pain can be transformed.

Grief & Loss

Ed Segawa, M.A., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

17451 Bastanchury Rd Suite 204-27, Yorba Linda, CA

Sometimes when you lose a loved one, you need extra help. If you have experienced death of a friend, spouse or someone close to you, it can create severe emotional distress. When going through a major loss like this, it is easy to feel depressed, lonely and empty. Sometimes you may say to yourself, "Just snap out of it", but it does not seem to help. If you are struggling through the loss of a loved one and need someone to talk to that can help more than just a friend, please give me a call.

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Grief Counseling in Yorba Linda CA.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of grief counseling are to help the individual move through the pain, find acceptance in the present, and redefine a future that still has hope and meaning. Contact a bereavement therapist in Yorba Linda, CA and begin steps towards healing. Recovery from loss through a grief counselor in Yorba Linda, CA means finding a way to move through the pain and work through it to find hope and meaning in life again.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, consider grief counseling in Yorba Linda CA and speak with a licensed therapist. A California grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength and tools to make it through the grieving process, and help redefine a new future that still has joy and happiness.