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Eric Ryan, Ph.D.


633 Cherry Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Therapy occurs within the context of a specialized therapeutic relationship (a unique type of helping relationship that is formed with your therapist to address problems). I focus on creating safety and trust through a nurturing, non-judgmental, and highly confidential environment while using a variety of approaches to help you make changes. I match the problem to the type of Therapy most helpful for that particular problem using methods ranging from Cognitive Behavioral to Psychodynamic or Depth Therapy. Using this approach, my clients have reported tremendous benefits. Some have made remarkable changes while grappling with very difficulty issues.


Richard Doleman, MA, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

865 Third Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

It is rare in our high-pressure, everything-goes-too-fast world to have a refuge, a place to be and a person to be with where you are welcomed, affirmed and believed in. This is what I provide. You come here because something is not working, things have fallen apart or you just need some help figuring something out. You want to find your way and you haven't been able to do it on your own. I help people with a number of problems, like adjusting to difficult changes, struggling with important relationships, or understanding painful or disturbing emotions. Give me a call. Let's work on this together.

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California psychotherapy in Santa Rosa can be a life changing benefit in your life. Theravive provides credentialed Santa Rosa psychotherapists who deliver compelling, experienced psychotherapy when you need it. Equip yourself in Santa Rosa with improved tools through therapy and engage in a deeper, more meaningful relationship with not only yourself and your loved ones, but your world around you with a Santa Rosa psychotherapist. If you are seeking the most proficient and skilled psychotherapist Santa Rosa, CA, we hope you will contact one of our experienced professionals who can give you the positive and life-altering psychotherapy in California that you are seeking.

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