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John Kane, AMFT, APCC

John Kane, AMFT, APCC

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Oxnard, California 93030 | 408-656-8564

Life is hard and everyone has to deal with suffering and challenges. But you do not need to go through things alone. I provide a safe and understanding environment for you to grow and face any challenge you need or want to process or overcome! Accepting new clients!

Tonia Vojtkofsky, PsyD

Tonia Vojtkofsky, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Available for Online Therapy

As an experienced psychologist, I believe there is hope for you, no matter what you are struggling with. Together we can find strategies to help you feel better and develop the life you want to live.

Brian Jones, AMFT

Brian Jones, AMFT

Brian La Roy Jones, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

Ready For Relief? Looking For Solutions? I Show Couples How To Go From Rejected To Connected; Teens & Adults From Stuck, Anxious & Depressed To Peaceful, Empowered & Feeling Good! I Offer a Risk-Free 50 Minute Consultation - No Charge To You!

Lisa Saldana, LMFT

Lisa Saldana, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Available for Online Therapy

I provide a safe and compassionate space for you to express your concerns. We will work together to develop coping skills, self love and acceptance to move forward on a path towards hope and healing.

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The economy in Oxnard is primarily driven by agriculture, international trade, defense, tourism, and manufacturing. The companies that use the port the most are DelMonte, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Chiquita. The manufacturing that occurs in Oxnard is important to manufacturing centers in the Los Angeles areas. Some of the companies that are headquartered in Oxnard include Vivitar, Drum Workshop, Raypak, Sysco, and Proctor & Gamble. The great agriculture in Oxnard is due to the rich soil and good climate for growing, which makes Oxnard one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the world. Not only are lima beans and strawberries grown here, but also sugar beets and stock, which is a cut flower.1 The 1990s saw a grassroots effort called SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) which was an effort to save the agricultural assets in the Oxnard Plain.

Mental Health in Oxnard

Drug and alcohol abuse is an unfortunate reality for many residents in Oxnard. Over one-fourth of Ventura County residents engage in binge drinking. While this rate is below the state average, it is still very high. Although admissions to treatment programs have decreased since 2000, the rate is still at over 400 people per 100,000. As a result, chemical dependency and abuse issues are one of the leading mental health concerns facing Oxnard residents.2 These issues create further mental health concerns as well, ranging from job loss to divorce to homelessness.

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department works with the Juvenile Justice system, special education services and schools to provide programs and resources to ensure the community's children have the services they need to grow into mentally healthy adults. Children with developmental or emotional disabilities are provided with school-based support services in order to promote a better education. Mentally ill youth who are transitioning into adulthood can participate in the CalWORKs behavioral health program to learn how to overcome obstacles to employment. The county also provides in-home crisis intervention services for those in a mental health emergency. For additional information about these programs, call 805-981-6830.3

Current Initiatives

To address the mental health needs of its residents, Ventura County, including the city of Oxnard, passed the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The MHSA began by collecting an additional 1 percent income tax on income over $1 million. The money garnered from those taxes has been used to create new mental health programs or supplement existing ones. The program is ongoing and includes several mental health-related components, including peer and family support, crisis intervention services and assessment, as well as residential and acute care services. For more information about the MHSA, call 805-981-5441.4


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Oxnard is located in Ventura County, California. It has a land area of 26.90 square miles and a water area of 12.30 square miles.  The population of Oxnard is 207,254 people with 50,815 households and a median annual income of $60,621. .

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Therapists in Oxnard are often within budget with some potential challenges for longer term commitments. Your mental health and well being are a top priority. If accessibility is a concern, ask your counselor about sliding scale fees or inquire about accepted insurance plans. Low cost counseling and affordable therapy are also sometimes offered by listed city and university level clinics, check with your local Oxnard public health department.