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Robert Salinger, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Within driving distance of Warren

Psychotherapy is a way to solve those repeating feelings, thoughts and behaviors that cause pain to ourselves and those we care about. I help clients learn to face and discover themselves,and learn new ways to cope with the stress of living in the world today. It is my hope that my clients feel more vibrant, free from self defeating patterns, and able to connect more fully with who they are. This allows the experience of greater independence, and increased intimacy in relationships. Everyone has to learn to adopt to the environment they are born into. When early relationships are less then ideal, coping patterns develop which can limit spontaneity, independence, constructive problem solving.


Lenore Millian, Ph. D.

Clinical Psychologist

Within driving distance of Warren

The benefits of effective psychotherapy are many. It helps the client get in touch with their feelings and develop valuable insights into herself. Most individuals go on year after year making the same mistakes repeatedly simply because they are unaware of the underlying reasons for the mistakes. You can't change something of which you are unaware; in psychotherapy, our goal is to uncover those underlying reasons that prevent becoming happier and leading a more satisfying life.


Alice Kroll, LPC,NCC


Within driving distance of Warren

Taking a patients medical , family background and history to diagnos a problem. I have the patient write out their thoughts, fantasies and dreams to investigate the subconscious. Psycotherapy takes alot of introspection and is a long term therapy designed to help the patient to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their life. It is not for mmdiate changes and not just for the patient who is mentallly ill or in crisis. It is designed to help the patient know themselves and make decisions conducive to their self empowerment, value system and life goals.


Stokes Counseling Services, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Within driving distance of Warren

Psychotherapy is a process of understanding yourself and your behaviors. Most times, it is your troubled behaviors that is causing you to come in and seek a counselor. We will work together to figure out what is getting in the way of leading a healthy and happy life. Call us today to schedule your appointment to speak with one of our experienced counselors to get the process started for you! We focus on many different areas so check out our website for more information on our therapists.


Warren is located in Litchfield County, Connecticut. It has a land area of 26.30 square miles and a water area of 1.24 square miles.  The population of Warren is 1,417 people with 593 households and a median annual income of $90,865. .

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Booking a weekly counseling session with a licensed therapist in Warren is not a large financial issue for the majority of people in this area. Sustaining a commitment to mental health treatment is easily accessible for the average family, but ask your therapist if there are any concerns as many will accept insurance or even offer sliding scale fees