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John Knight, PhD ,BCPC, CRS ,LMHC

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Within Driving Distance of Clearwater, FL

Counseling, Coaching and Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families. Relationship Specialties, Anger Management, Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Relational Reunification and Recovery from Infidelity and Divorce.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Individual, Couples, Families
  • Depression , Grief & Loss
  • Relationship Fidelity & Recovery
  • PTSD, Panic & Anxiety
  • Addictions, Substance, Sexual
  • Pre & Post Divorce Mediation
  • Parenting / Blended Family
  • Anger And Stress Management

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant
Phone & Email:  Connect With Kevin

Therapist / Coach

For a new short term, effective approach to Psychotherapy, give me a call or email,
Grey Matters Intl & Dr. Kevin Fleming(cited expert for NY Times, CNN, Fortune, Sporting News)is all about bold thinking & neuroscience innovation in getting mood/behavior change when shrinking,feel good self-help, and pills aren't cutting it. Indiv/couples/family.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Emotional Issues
  • Partner Conflict/Relational
  • Behavior Change
  • Peak Performance
  • Addiction
  • Life Coaching
  • Weight Loss
  • Executive Coaching

Tom Petit, Ph.D., LMHC, CCMHC, CAP

Licensed Mental Health Counselors / Board Certified Coaches
Phone & Email:  Connect With Tom

Within Driving Distance of Clearwater, FL

Stressed...anxious...overwhelmed...emotionally pulled in all directions...needing to sort out some important relationship issues...I combine a safe, non-judgmental, open, confidential atmosphere with years of professional & personal experience to bring solutions & hope.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy / EMDR
  • Marriage / Couples Relationship
  • Christian Counseling
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anger
  • Infidelity / Trust Building
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Stress
  • Weight Loss
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Located on the Western seaboard of Florida, due west of Tampa, Clearwater has around 108,000 residents. The city’s temperature is fairly mild, with the highs in the summer in the 90’s and the lows in the winter around 50. Even though Clearwater is tagged as being in the Tampa Bay area, there are several annual events in the city, such as an international film festival, an Independence Day celebration, a Jazz Holiday event, a Hispanic Heritage Festival in October, and the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship, all of which are great family events.1 There are great children's activities, such as espresso yourself, where children create paintings out of brewed espresso. Don’t forget about the larger attractions such as Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, which boasts rides, camps, events, shows, and much, much more—something for the whole family. Pinellas Trail is also a fantastic place for anyone of all ages who like to bike, walk, or skate.

Mental Health in Clearwater

Having a good support group during the early years of your child’s life is incredibly important for a mother of only one child, but it’s even more important when you’ve had twins or triplets. The more children, the more problems you will face and the more advice you will need in the early years. Pinellas Parents of Duplicates 2, or PPODs, is a mother support group for parents of either twins, triplets, or more! Parents have the chance to gather and have family outings, picnics, and parent’s nights. These evens all involve quality support including pregnancy issues.

For children to be as successful as possible and to thrive in the “real world” they need to start by having all of the basic necessities in life such as food, clothing, and a roof over their head. Although the Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Family Center3 cannot offer a roof for your family, they offer many family development resources such as food, clothing, and financial resources to help yourself and your children to move towards having the life you deserve. Call 727 442 5355 to learn more about what the MLKJ Family Center can do for your family.

Current Initiatives

Physical health greatly contributes to your mental health. If children are not active and physically healthy, it can be difficult to have self-confidence and be mentally healthy. The YMCA of Suncoast 4 has many physical actives which advocate group exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle, including metal health. Some of the activities they offer include Flag Football, Karate, Tennis, Swim Lessons, and Personal Training. Get your children involved in these activities by contacting 727 467 9662.

Educating peers and the general public about the talents of gifted children is crucial to have an informed public. If people don’t know the facts, it’s difficult for them to accept disabled children as the equals that they are. Pinellas County Schools5 has made great efforts in promoting the talents of their mentally disabled students by means such as the Special Olympics and the Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources System. To learn more about these programs or to get your child involved in the Special Olympics, contact 727 588 6032.


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